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This. I think in a world like if eventually hopefully I know people are fighting for the Mommy. Mommy bus bill, which is like having. A with women who are unknown underserved communities because a lot of the times. choices are taken out of their hands, or they don't know about them and decisions are made so quickly that they don't even have to. You're already in a space east of just dizziness in like what the Hell is this? Let alone if you have complications so bats, what the Dula therefore to be with you to walk you through it to a hold on a second. This is what she wanted to do. You know to make sure your concerns are are met, and and so I think they're amazing. I think duly are incredible, and and we're grateful that you are an ally. Thank you. Guys are very important I. Think you know everybody has a hand in helping so? And I think in terms of being an ally for black MOMS right. One of the things one I think that's important work because we are disproportionately impacted because of a lot of systematic. sort of imbalance in equities from healthcare to You know an employment, but. In those are real topics that you know we're tackling. And there were having substantive conversations with but you know for us the empowering thing for us. As MOMS before we were moms while we are now MOMS is really showing a spectrum demonstrating a spectrum, right answers and them pathways to just become a parent, but to pair right and so i. I think that there's this default when someone says. How can I you know connect with Black Moms? It's it's generally the first. The default is from position of a right like Oh, my because the picture of Black Motherhood is is one of suffering, and and not that that's not a noble costume to give a Ham, but we actually wanted to provide. Provide a very aspirational and supportive community that says yeah, regardless of socio economic editions now an antique and I both come from You know working class to the poor families like you know both of our our moms at a point where single moms so so we get, that could be a very real reality, but that's also. We also have very different realities. Realities right now. We're both in very healthy partner. Two Parent Household You know we've been been very fortunate on sort of you know. The the socio economic had aware of different levels of privilege at every level regardless of levels of privilege privilege every privilege. Every mom deserves sweetness right now. We wanted to make sure that we gave an invitation to moms. MOMS of color to whom the invitation is not extended to live. SPEEDER lies Tika talks a lot about not just surviving motherhood, but thriving in it right? You say it shouldn't just be door. It should be enjoyed in, so we want open at that spectrum up so when we talk about you know whether it's something as simple as how to take a vacation. We try to make sure that there's an access point. No matter if. If that vacation at the station in your exploring your local neighborhoods to you know if you're traveling around the world whenever we can do that again, you know if we're talking about self camp pampering, you know. What does it look like if you're doing that? In a really opulent way of what does it mean to take five wherever you are, you know and and focus on at a farm yourself and I think when it comes to. The whole concept of the dual a lot of the times for us. It's even explain that that's an option is one of the first people that I hadn't had a Dula. She explained a lot to me about what the process was. She told me I was one of the first folks who she knew. WHO BLACK MOMS WHO throws eggs, embryos I just think even the conversation in a you having us on today, even that to me is. You know bigger Thank you for that, yeah! All Right? We're going to take a quick break to talk about a brand that I'm sure you all have heard about. Say No I talked about it in the episode. Where if you don't I announce that I was pregnant in. That is a women. Eva is a bracelet that you wear during sleep in. It tells you when you're fertile. Cycle is also tracks your heart rate temperature, breathing rate, and compiles all of this data to help. Predict when you're going to be ovulating. it's a research backed algorithm that uses.

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