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Dot com Jack Taylor WTOP traffic Mike Stanford after yesterday's sunshine it's a whole different forecast today yeah a lot going on a lot of moving parts here a warm front pushes through the region right now still seeing some light showers along to seventy and Montgomery counties has a wet roadways there and as you head toward Baltimore which could past Peterborough Marshall some light showers too we're keeping an eye on a band of thunderstorms in eastern Ohio right now than we were in the Central Valley about one o'clock this afternoon between about two and seven o'clock the the staff in the same thing the stores will push through the metro area we are concerned the stores may produce damaging winds and some large hail so we're gonna watch the right are closely low seventies are high smartphone showers this evening after midnight a risk of strong possibly severe thunderstorms our lows will be in the fifties and shower storm on Wednesday that most of us it is partly sunny breezy warmer I've been on the muggy side is going to a high near eighty on Thursday will be a risk of showers as a cold front comes our way highs low seventies in behind the cold front on Friday partly sunny skies windy and cooler with highs only in the mid to upper fifties it is forty nine in College Park right now Leonard town fifty Culpepper forty six the bridge we have a temperature of fifty six Reagan national thank you Mike seven fifty one now let's get caught up on the newest developments and the pandemic there are more than three hundred sixty eight thousand cases of the virus across the US we have more than eight thousand cases of the virus in the DC Maryland Virginia region with nearly one hundred seventy deaths Maryland's got more than four thousand cases in ninety one deaths Virginia has more than twenty eight hundred cases with fifty four dead DC has more than a thousand cases with twenty four deaths one hundred eighty four people have recovered from the virus in Maryland two hundred eighty seven of recovered in DC Virginia doesn't release data on recoveries retired DC firefighter Francis Gary Hallberg has died from complications from the corona virus he was seventy seven the DC fire department has had a total of thirty four members test positive DC mayor Muriel Bowser announced a government wide hiring and pay freeze and council chairman Phil Mendelson says the council will vote today on a bill that includes a rent freeze and a provision that businesses with between fifty and five hundred workers must provide paid sick time those among other emergency measures Virginia governor Ralph Northam now advising everyone to wear a facemask when they're out in public in Maryland there are four additional deaths related of the corona virus at them pleasant view nursing home in Mount Airy bringing the total number of deaths there fourteen for more staff members they're testing positive and R. twelve cases with two deaths at the Hartsfield assisted living facility in Frederick County Maryland British prime minister Boris Johnson spent the night last night in intensive care after his symptoms worsened yesterday he's in the hospital in London to public officials have got a lot of praise during the crisis is teaming up former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb is joining Maryland governor Larry Hogan's coronavirus response team politico reports Gottlieb has become one of the most trusted public voices on the virus and governor Hogan has been roundly praised for his candor leaving Maryland both have been warning Americans to take the virus more seriously governor Hogan says Gottlieb.

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