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And we hit a discuss cars car repair end of the new they say. Sell Gebreyesus algebraic baseball puzzle. You said it did actually other way Baseb-. From the baseball ALGEBRAIC series. Puzzles, but that was rather brazen. Brazen I've been on. is a tent or and. WHY WOULD I? Want when I get. Here it is. Now that the baseball season is in its waning days, I'M GONNA use this I've used many baseball puzzles in the past I guess I'm a baseball fan. There are two rookie players who started the season on opening day and and made a wager as to which one would have the best batting average the end of the season. And they're both standing there to the last game of the season and not much is going to change that last day especially considering neither one of the starting lineup and they're. And they're watching the other players take batting practice, and we'll call these guys for the lack of. The lack of something better Bluto and Popeye. Got It. So. BLUTO SAYS A Popeye wooded. You Bet for the first half of the year. And pop by says, BET at two fifty. And Bluto says like gut you there I bet at three hundred. And he says, how about after the All star break what you do in? Proudly Popeye pipes up or pie POPs up and says. I bet it three, seventy, five. Wow he says pretty good but I bet at four hundred. Four over the twenty bucks that we bet. So there are several questions. Let me get these numbers down. DO I. Have Blue and Popeye. So for the first up to the all star Break Pluto bats three hundred. Yeah, and pop by bets to fifty to fifty. Yeah. After the All star Break Yeah Bluto bats four hundred. Popeye bats three, seventy five, and you're gonNA tell the Popeye wins the bet. The Bat boy Dougie Saunas over and says, don't pay the Twenty Bucks Popeye I. Think you one How could that? Be Lol and how many times they hit him with the back. End, why is someone that bad at three, seventy, five not playing in the last game of the season that's what I wanna no injuries by the way I wanna add this just it might help or might not help they. Both had the same number of at bats with the season. Go figure. Now, if you think you know the answer, you would send that answer on a postcard or so to the bottom of a tempurpedic Swedish foam memory mattress. Pillow and pillow. Yeah. Actual take just a appeal and send it to puzzle tower. A two.

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