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Business in that movie that's all I can tell you you're full channel WTOP dot com Jason Fraley WTOP news up next in money all street rallied higher today it'll be a busy year for mortgages I'm Jeff played five fifty four elementum every day our dedicated team keeps governments most critical programs running safely and effectively from nuclear operations and environmental remediation to mission support and sustainment from threat mitigation to mission assurance in critical infrastructures facilities and ranges here and abroad with our culture of safety and operational excellence we apply our experience passion and purpose to help our customers achieve their mission we are a mental experience passion purpose I cannot believe how much comes out of my check for life insurance you know that way because we put his group term life and Sharon's for civilian fads is it expensive you can save up to eighty nine percent was way fun and you don't have to wait for open season you can switch today will do with the extra cash next lunch is on you find out more at wait but dot org that's W. A. E. P. A. dot org wait for the life insurance choice for over forty six thousand federal workers and their families money news at twenty five and fifty five on WTOP here's just claim on stock indexes were all over the map today rallying in the morning falling into negative territory midday and then rallying for the close the Dow ended the day up one thousand one hundred sixty seven points that's five percent the S. and P. five hundred index and the nasdaq finished the day up five percent with interest rates falling to record lows mortgage bankers association just raised its forecast for mortgage originations this year to two point six trillion twenty percent more than last year more than half of that'll be refinancing booking dot com whose other sites include Priceline said last week bookings would fall ten percent this year but is L. withdrawn that forecast saying it could be much worse housing options around Amazon's HQ two now include high in the senior living Silverstone senior living has started work on a one hundred million dollar amenity rich senior community where rates will start at around seven thousand dollars a month Jeff label WCB news a new coronavirus case reported in the DC area we'll have details after CBS news at the top of the hour it's five fifty seven I'm John a policy EO of long roofing for decades we've been serving area homeowners with quality products that enhance their homes or one of the largest providers of quality roofing in the nation no we're not going to give you something for free and we don't have some crazy deal that you can hardly believe but we will give you the highest quality roof done right and on time this includes the peace of mind that comes from dealing.

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