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Seth Rollins, Seth Rollins, right? That was a 2015, and then 2018, he held the tag team and IC title. Right. Yeah. Nice. Only got to do that. Suck it, Eric. I win again. Yes, sure, sure, sure. All right, fan questions. Zaheen ramen. What's your least favorite shitty new entrance music? I wouldn't know 'cause I can't tell any of them apart. I know, but I'd probably vote for Champa because I loved it so much. Jake baker pushed for a very worst unlockable characters in wrestling video games. We have Fred Durst. He was in like SmackDown two back in the day. 'cause he used to sing for undertaker. Two things. My way. My way. Well, yeah, he had that. He also was the theme for WrestleMania 17. So Fred Durst, Machine Gun Kelly has confirmed to be a playable character in the new game. And then head now, yeah, the back in the day, you could play his head. Just as the head, he had a body, I don't remember. I think it had to have been a body, like there was just a, that's fun. Well, yeah. That's better than the other ones. Yeah. I push ahead. What does everybody want? Push ahead, I don't really care about the others. Dylan, how long how long do you think Balor's tile run will last? And can you come up with a better storyline for this clown show around the 24/7 time? We've already covered what we could do with the 24/7 title. Throw it away. I think it'll go into like may. I think he'll retain at WrestleMania. Why have him win it? And then he just retains it because the demon doesn't really lose. He's not going to lose him. But we don't know if the Damien loses. Does the Damien lose? He might be undefeated. He does lose 'cause then he beats the show to someone and retain his title. No, now he's gonna. He's gonna unleash the like he's really gonna unleash the Damien. He's gonna have his own thing. Yeah. I say may, a couple of months. Then why have Balor when it right before mania? I know again stupid, so dumb. Roll up connoisseur on the spot, mini bracket, worst WWE product promotion. Cricket wireless commercials. They're versus Pizza Hut, battle royal. That's the first one. Let's pick them one of those first. In the worst, we're picking the worst. Yeah, yeah. So Pizza Hut, battle royal. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Because cricket wireless are just commercials. That's it. They're not fucking throwing cell phones in the ring. Right. And then we have zombie lumberjack match versus red notice golden egg. It's gotta be zombie so bad. But it was a match. Who done it? Who stole the egg? But miss got eaten by zombies. That's fine. All right, so pizza or zombies, zombies. Zombies. You gotta eaten by zombies. Right. He got eaten by zombies. And one of those zombies was apparently Scotty too hottie. All right, Lewis Torres. Fuck marry kill and a J, the bunny, Nikita lions. Okay, what? And a J yeah, the bunny. Nikita lions. She's new on NXT. She has a big butt. Yeah, I know her. I'm gonna kill her. The bunny Marianne J of course. That's easy. That's the easiest one, Lewis. Yeah. She looks so good right. Fourth and teddy long, odds on the greatest wrestling match ever part two at WrestleMania Backlash between edge and AJ seems very familiar or seems very similar to the edge versus Randy Orton from 2020 Q this is the greatest show. Yeah, I don't know if they're gonna do a rematch. I hope not. It won't be special. Imagine Sean fought undertaker a month later. You fucking kidding me. Caroline Holly, fuck marry kill, Sasha and the Sailor Moon gear. Think about sorry. Think about what Sean had to do. Just to get back in a match undertaker. They started that storyline in like November. Of him trying to fight the undertaker at WrestleMania again. We wanted to win the rumble and he came in fourth. Yeah. A fake fell off the ring. You know what? I can beat you. And then he cost him something? Yeah, it cost him the world title. Yeah, Elimination Chamber. Right, right, right, right. So he's like, he's like, yeah, then he dared him to fucking fight him, finally. He was such a great build up. Yeah. And it's Sean. Fuck marry kill, Sasha and the Sailor Moon gear live in the Britney gear. Or Sonya and her Saudi gear. Sorry, Sonya, your last Mary Sasha fuck Liv. Correct. Yeah. And then Carolyn says also Joe, do you still not like me for putting Roman in the brackets? Because you're mad at that matchup, Roman, well I was meant to match up. Because our Romans are good-looking guy and he got any lost. Spoilers. Spoiler alert. Sorry, Roman did not win. Caught his mail of all time. Yeah. D log. You don't care about the results. You listen to those brackets because how much fun we have. The first round matchup. Choosing choosing who, you know, yeah. D log, push fire berry, these woman you get to fuck, but the catch is you're forced to rewatch their entire wrestling career matches and promos. Okay. Eva Marie Brandi Rhodes Brie Bella. Eva Marie shore, there's not much there. Brandy probably not. It's really painful. Brie, yes. Probably has the longest career, though. I know, but I push fire berry. I'd rewatch it all. I'd bury Brie, fire brandy. And I'll watch Eva. I probably was probably the hottest and she has the shortest shit to watch. Who? Fair? Yeah, I would agree. Yeah. I'm not sure Buddy Guy pushed far very live sex celebrations. Carmela graves, edge lita, Reggie Dana Brooke. Let me push edge and lita. They did it. They have fire Reggie and fire red and Dana. I mean, carmela graves could be pretty hot, they're pretty good-looking. Yeah. He also said veer in the new raw themed video was pretty funny. Alex Gonzalez, do you feel the casual viewer prefers good storytelling and wrestling or actual wrestling match? Storytelling. It's all storytelling. It's all it is. It's a male soap opera guys. The show wasn't the most popular ever when stone cold was there because of his matches. Right. Because of how awesome he was. Telling a story. The best stone cold match might be when Mick Foley won the title. Because the story was so amazing. I've always been hate rock with the chair. They probably won the title. It wasn't even in the match. Right. I mean, one of Stone Cold's best matches ever was the cage match with Vince. The big show? Yeah. We covered that. That's on Patreon, a classic episode, so go check that out. I love the first blood match between him and McCain at the great match. Carlos Ramirez, how it books Stone Cold's return. Lesnar needs an opponent at MSG glass shatters, crowd goes crazy, match ends in DQ after Kevin Owens costs don't call the match. I don't think you would book Stone Cold's return at a house show. I don't think that's where he has matched. I thought he was just interviewed. Was that a new interview? When they're like, who would you want to fight right now? And he's like, Brock Lesnar. Yeah. I don't know. Right. But I wouldn't book his first wrestling match to be at a house show. Right. Maybe you could do that on TV, but there's always that magic of MSG where Vince goes out of his way to make it magic. Because he wants to sell out that thing. They have to advertise it. They have to. Kevin Griffin, can we watch it? Is it live or no? No. Oh, yeah, he won't do it. You can go. If you want, it's this Saturday. Kev Griffin, what are the odds that Vince has dementia and thinks he booked him versus stone cold, not versus pat. And he thinks he's going on bite, bite this, to set up the feud, not the pat McAfee show. Right. I mean, probably like 40%. Higher. Yeah, you're right. Why else would he be on the show? Right. Matthew carlini has anyone ever transitioned more smoothly between face and heel than edge. He's constantly battling the darkness inside of him amazing character. Yeah, there have.

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