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A fifty seven yard field goal first teachers ball rack but the second half was all Alabama they come out here their defense shuts down Michigan's offense keeps him out of the end zone and essentially Alabama showed by their parental leave one of the best programs in all college football the longest streak in the AP poll there are now nine consecutive seasons with eleven or more wins we do Alabama office it was gonna be in the playoff they lost two games of the regular season for the first time in about a decade so what was the motivation gonna be will make statements team look very motivated in particular the second half a big boost of a win against Michigan going into next season never feel like motivation was the issue I felt like this team was extra focus I didn't think that you know not being in the playoffs was it was a factor to me Nick's even runs one of the more complicated defenses to go up against and also to actually play and therefore when you're playing that amount of freshmen you're gonna have mental mistakes in Michigan took advantage of it early Alabama got it corrected and then kind of ran away with this thing twenty one nothing in the second half Alabama outsource Michigan four eight thirty five to sixteen win here the Bravo citrus bowl for Matt Hasselbeck Adam Levine right here on the exclusive home of the college football playoff ESPN radio and ESPN out all right thanks very much Adam in Madame Chris velocity regular college football live studios presented by the track phone wireless not the only game going on this afternoon version of the verbose citrus bowl also the outback bowl in fact not too far away to the west out in Tampa Minnesota looking for eleven to win on the season taking on a twelve bring to Auburn team that I'm not that big win in the iron bowl against the Crimson Tide so those two tangling in the outback bowl in after trading a couple of field goals in the first quarter tied up with three Minnesota kicked the second of the two field goals that means Alber Auburn gets the ensuing kickoff Jones takes the snap back petals now launches a this is returnable by it but not getting from the full price the ten to the twenty twenty five the six no it it but not give me a ninety six yard kickoff return ten three Auburn takes the lead this is a back and forth battle throughout Minnesota comes back on the ensuing play takes advantage of a muffed punt ties the game up at ten and goes ahead seventy two ten on a touchdown early in the second quarter so now the golden gophers on top in it Auburn look at a time for from.

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