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Minutes from the big stories on wcbs things to know with six forty five one police have arrested several suspects linked to the stabbing death of fifteen rolled out of data in the bronx cbs to reports the arrests were made the home in paterson new jersey too young girl was killed in a hit and run police say it happened in bushwick on wyckoff avenue this afternoon the toddler was four years old and three the brooklyn man accused of cutting off his wife's arm was caught niagara falls please say wong liu was planning away to cross the border into canada w cbs news time six forty six volunteers in thousands of communities and twentyseven countries raise money to fight cancer last night kelly waldron was one of those fundraisers in the bronx this sounds of celebration echoed across the parking lot at the bay plaza shopping center here in the bronx where dancing singing face painting and other entertainment followed the traditional walk known as the relay for life lausanne dorado of the american cancer society says this year's goal is to raise sixty thousand dollars but there is much more to it than that so really educate them on the importance of early detection and screening and all of that stuff who is daniel is a four year survivor she had a few words for the doctors who saved her life ray that's all i can say on this this'll be alive i'm really proud in the bronx kelly waldron w cbs.

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