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Career. Best Rebounder Is a tie between Dennis Rodman and Andre Drummond best defender, Tony Allen, and the best clutch money player. cogos scared shitless Kobe late in games. why did you? Why can't we do slim reaper is the nickname why did you not let it wasn't Tom is Tom now it is. faulk. Yes. The best nickname of all time it wasn't tom back. Then it really is like I think about it more than I should probably once a month Mike Damn I wish Kevin Durant was slim reaper this some simmering underneath with the yeah because that's I mean it's like especially you know late game and be finals here comes to slim reporter snatcher soul is Tom now back then I. Too good of a nickname for me to just take that as that's actually fair. I never thought of it that way like when you're twenty one would probably be tough to be the slim repeal like a rather wait till to. Cook, did you like the ranch? No. Okay. You that one's Kinda Corny. Yeah. Can you went to the White House in kind of two fifteen point sixteen year and I understand there was a private meeting between you and President Obama. A. anything you can share or is there something about Obama the that inspires you that motivates you role model anything we talked about some stuff that how can help in my community you know being from that area So we talked about different things, different programs that that can help with. Well, side is a huge basketball fan. So at that point, I was just going into free agency and everybody in the world wanted to know if I was leaving the thunder. So that was the first thing he asked. Gone. You can't. You can't go there with those those those shooters over whatever too much. I was like in my mind I was like that's why I'm going. Yeah but now he's a he's a huge fan of the game and you could tell that he loves watching. Did you. If, you played with him would you let him score? No I'll play woman before you did and how was his game? It was cool. You know you don't really want. I was twenty one at the time. So I was really nervous to really get into it and I was it was a it was a more and after a long light. So's you don't WanNA fight by had secret service. Snipers. Right. But The play play who's was don't like I've Seen Obama play and he clearly knows how to play but there's definitely an element where he's had he's probably put up some numbers that may be are slightly inflated definitely because I mean how hard defensive of right on the president right I don't think yeah, I. Don't think your hand checking the president also can't you're at a point in your career? Will you've pretty much done at all and? You've reached a an economic level that as a kid, you never dreamt up as it all of us really either were lucky to be doing this. My my question to you is at this point in your life if you were to cure curate dinner for five, who will be the other four that you can bring to your dinner Obama..

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