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Shen reco having amassed over twenty three families said so we had enough leads and witnesses to be a real threat to amish enrico with these families he established the omission rikkyo victims association around the same time to to me began to pursue a civil case against aum shinrikyo on behalf of a man who wanted one million yen in damages from shoko because he purchased vials of shoko asahara's blood which supposedly had magical properties the blood did not have any supernatural effects so odds asumi had to do was proved that shoko had fraudulently presented his blood as being magical playing off showcause pride soussoumi challenge show go to send him a blood sample to prove that his blood was different from that of a normal human being laboratory results revealed that showcause blood did not contain any irregularities shuckers desire to prove to to me wrong is an interesting insight into the cult leader psychology while it's clear that shoko partially sold his blood as a way of cheating his followers out of their hardearned money it seems that he may have suffered from delusions of grandeur himself otherwise why else would he so competently send a blood sample to setsumi if he knew that it would test negative for irregularities good point the results of the blood test were discussed in an interview between tsutsumi on the tokyo broadcasting network suit to interview revealed shoko was a fraud by presenting test results to the audience showing that his blood didn't have a magical properties setsumi also revealed the cult's tendency to employ minors and cut them off from their parents unfortunately one of shoko socie it's worked at the tokyo broadcasting network and reported back about sued sunnis interview shoko immediately sent a team of cult members to the television network the cult member successfully convinced the network not to air the interview through intimidation not long after the 1989 interview shoko sent three of his associates jitsui office were the argued with him about whether or not show.

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