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Yeah. Yeah. I mean it's going to be tough real tough one for for everybody wage. The whole Bruins organization is on top of Dawn's when you right now and his plan moving forward, but this could also be a very integral off season for management and evaluating the the acts of Don Sweeney and cam Nealy moving forward. So yeah. I do believe that Maria. Yes, I have to agree Maria. I absolutely think that they're both in the hot seat. Don Sweeney is got a again. I'm not I'm not I don't I'm not convinced. It's all just coming from above. I think that off Sweeney and the LED are in the hot seat and we'll see if what they are doing or have done or what's going on this season and that's happened in the offseason. But I do I agree. I think Jack Sweeney better refined that plan improved that the plan's working out and I get a little concerned. Like I said last week, I think it's not necessarily player. He goes that are starting to get in the way a literal. It's like almost like like maybe needs these draft next to work on some level during any like he needs to show that they are at least something they're not throw his cuz they were all high draft picks. You know what I mean it maybe they shouldn't have all been drafted where they were drafted. That's either but thank you for the question Maria. I definitely think Sweeney is in the hot seat probably nearly 2:00 at this point Midwest chirps podcast ask. What is your opinion of David krejci being assisted? Captain do you think you should it should have gone to a younger player like Charlie McAvoy or Jake debrusk? You answer that pleased first. Do you think what how do you feel about crazy being assistant? Captain should have gone to somebody younger. You know, I'm good with it. I'm probably crazy being the he's a veteran. He's been around for a while. Yeah, I think that that's the way it should be done. And I know I'm doubling down on the whole thing about Bergeron possibly off taking it because he's like one of those people that just a quiet leader and so on but yeah, I think this is a good for him and his last season and also probably could be a good thing for negotiating a further retention, you know, and you could be a player that could be signed for another year or two. So Yeah, I would like to I don't have an issue with it because I don't think that necessarily putting a c on a young kid as a good thing. Sometimes it puts pressure that doesn't need to be there. You know what I mean yet? I I think though that people seem to forget David. Krejci is done an assistant Captain. He the only person who got a new letter was Brad Marchand licks, you know what I mean? Like crazy has been assistant Captain. He's been for a long time on and off in the organization. So like I would think it'd be weird of crazy didn't have the a you know what I mean? Like, that'd be weird to me because the pecking order for like just how it was like Chara Notch car's not here obviously Bergeron gets the C but Bergeron and crazy are inseparable to me like even though they're two totally different players just as men have played the game together. They have been showing up the top two lines of this and flopping as the top two centers for so long. So I like it. I like that. Krejci, and I think it sends a message to Keeping the veterans right as the you know, they're the ones who have this culture. Now that chair is not here. It's on them to keep the the culture quote unquote going. Yes so long..

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