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In 2017 at its highest number in the world and that's because of their aca's war continues in afghanistan now into its seventh year there are more than fifteen thousand us troops here some fighting a law aside afghan forces the united states has carried out three times as many air strikes this year compared to last year some of that ordinance won't explode and will become a hazard and the taleban islamic state and other antigovernment militants regularly use iit's improvised explosive devices many triggered by pressure plates on roads in fields and villages rahmatullah remark is with the halo trust demining organization for four burgan wailing were gohmert overall minor from proroman are gonna thunder than decide to touch with that with the new mines for political and practical reasons mind organizations have primarily focused on what they call legacy mine and battlefields from the soviet period through to the taleban clearing explosives is a slow and dangerous business this area has been mind since the 1980's mineclearance organizations have been able to get rid of about eighty percent of the old ordinance left in afghanistan but new fighting means they still have a lot of work ahead of them tell me serb new mines means pretty much anything lead after two thousand one after the arrival of us and nato troops removing it will be complicated for a number of reasons there aren't any official negotiations with a taliban or other insurgent groups and fighting is ongoing so access will be difficult and the explosives used by insurgent groups are different from mines laid in the past the new one coup or are mostly are you these through the front throats of these which we our teams are not threaten to that the deminers will lead new trading and that will cost money already recent cutbacks have forced mind organizations to lay off more than half the country's 15000 train deminers after having spent one point three billion dollars here since two thousand one but concern has a commitment to clear all of its emplaced anti personnel and minds by 2020 three the bill for that is about three hundred and fifty million dollars to clear the recently laid mines deminers first need to be able to get to them that is hard to do in places where there is active fighting un officials will need to negotiate safe access we are trying to speak to the parties to.

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