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You're like we're sending some really good emails and then you don't realize that we're sending five of them in one day and it's me no making everybody mad. It's more the connection between the things that it is the experiences themselves. And that's why. I love what casey talks about because he really is understanding like no. We gotta push from beginning to end. And we're going to catch all those little gaps along the way. Yeah and if you do that. Over a long period of time and you're really consistent you'll have a rating fan and then you have to do it over and over again and we have millions of them which is amazing and we work really hard to keep them by building that trust by being consistent over time. But you know as you're leading the marketing team as executive director of digital marketing. You're leading a lot of channels. That feel like they're little bit removed from the customer. You're not physically talking to the customers. When you sent an email or you know running the facebook channel so how do you create a relationship quote unquote through a social media. Channel or email marketing. Yeah it's a great question You know we do a great job of just creating a culture where everybody's focused on raving fans here as a company. I think we do a great job at it and the first thing that we do is just we. Surface winds right. We talk a lot about Fans of our fans of people who are winning and that helps you stay emotionally connected to your fans right but we also surface a lot of knowledge to people in this can be a customer interviews you know like actually getting out and talking to people people in the lobby shore but people on the phone it also is a lot of like what we would call for lack of a better way to put quantitative data. Like looking at what everybody's doing and saying okay. I hear what you're saying. But you might not actually do what you're saying like there's a distance between What we call stated action and like actual action And making sure that all of those things alliance sifting through a lot of what we're seeing in all of these various channels you know what are people saying on social are people searching for more or less of this thing like looking at all of these indicators because people will tell us both through us actually asking him but also through a lot of their actions that we can measure whether we're doing the right thing by them or the wrong thing by them. Yeah i love that idea of of celebrating. The fans and as i talked with joe hamilton in the previous conversation he was talking about Their one of their core values is about you and most people you to page and it's about us look how great we are and instead he makes it about them and he says hey this is who you are and this is why you're here and there's a little bit about us but we wanna make them the hero. We've done a really good job of that. You know even the ramsey show for years. Now we've done debt free screams and it's not about. Oh my gosh dave. You're so amazing. it's hey. I did the sacrifice i did the hard work. And we want to celebrate you for doing all of that. So there's a lot of ways that the small business owner can do that you don't have to be a business as big as ours to celebrate your fans. Yeah that's exactly right and it could take a lot of forms. I think those will probably come each business naturally. What we've done really well is just say as dave always says from stage we exist for the people outside these walls and if you're setting that culture if you're setting that mindset whatever your version of debt free scream or some kind of fan celebration will come naturally because everybody's just thinking that way and that's probably one of our biggest assets at this company. Yeah that's huge and a lot of this comes down to knowing your customer if you have no clue who they are and what they're wanting it's gonna be really hard to create a great experience for them where they go. Oh my gosh. The reading my mail. They knew exactly what i needed at the time i needed it. So how do we go about really understanding the customer. We talk about customer personas and their surveys. A lot of ways to go about this would have you found is the best way to fully understand your kind of target customer. Well the best way is all of them And because no one thing is really going to tell you what your customers really thinking are really doing right when we look at all the data we can get from our systems. Well let's telling us a lot of what but it's not telling us a good way so we got to go talk to people and say like why. Are you feeling this way you're doing that. And we may or may not get some level of accuracy from that because again the experiences and emotion at the end of the day it can be really hard to actually distill that into words So it's pulling all of these things together. And then i would say that the final thing which is something that we often miss is if we want to create raving fans that means we need to do a lot of talking to people who are not yet fans we really need to be fans of are not yet fans because they have a lot of objections or a lot of opinions that were not addressing people who already love us like they have a different mindset than the people who don't yet so we really need to get out there and be talking to people who aren't in our wheelhouse Do you have an example or a story of how you or your team have done that. How they've talked to the customer and how they've really developed that or created that raving fan. Yeah i mean there's a lot of areas where we can just listen right. Social media is really great for that sort of thing People are very willing to share their opinions on social media. As as you are aware Even search is that you know. We can see search trends. That people are looking for. But i would say We do a lot of surveys emails to people like. They abandoned their cart. Why did you not buy this thing or just trying to find people even man on the street..

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