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Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan discussed on Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning


Or open a free I heart radio app and tap the podcast tab to start exploring I'm sitting waiting with your W. O. R. traffic we start out with the fire department activity Allerton Avenue between rock park in Boston road in the Bronx the cal W. essential with closure between MalcolmX Boulevard in Stuyvesant Avenue in Brooklyn because of a building fire PQ eastbound has a stall taking the right lane by Atlantic Avenue and delays go back through ninety second street on the go on as we also have lots of police activity in lower Manhattan this morning Canal Street between the Holland tunnel on Varick street and also Avenue of the Americas north out of the closure between Canal Street and watch street if you're traveling on Spring Street eastbound over by Barry there some police activity there as well Harlem river drive south down it startled up Third Avenue bridge down to the Willis Avenue bridge and we have cashless tolling in place after Hudson River crossings we are looking at a twenty minute ride into town at the Holland as a result of that police activity in lower Manhattan Bronx river parkway southbound at Bronx river road police activity in Yonkers and garden state parkway south actually was cleared over by exit one sixty eight our next traffic update is coming up in fifteen minutes not let's take a look at the W. O. R. weather channel forecast highs looking morning we'll see a few clouds of sunshine some of the few clouds afternoon seventy one tonight some clouds around little milder fifty eight considerably cloudy.

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