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It's time for shorts on fire. This is when our experts have to answer as many questions as they can before time runs out Daniel, I you ready. Okay. Ask Daniel your shorts on fire questions. Now. What's the most popular items magic shop linking rings? Okay. What's the biggest brand of magic? Can you can you pull a bowed out of a hat? Yes. Liberty disappeared. David copperfield. Magic kingdom Disney. What is a French drop? It is a slight of hand move with the coin. Be at how idea slithering who was Eric lice everquest is the original name of Harry. By the time is up. That was good slither at home. We'll have to circle back to that one. Okay. Are you ready to ask Alice your shorts on fire questions? Yes. I. And go what's the trick? Salting someone in half. It involves smoke and mirrors the hardest creek you ever had to. Changing nail polish colors. Sorry. Go ahead. Science of American magicians face flippantly, how many playing cards is a standard get fifty two. Cycle. A message David night. What's another name for close up? Magic of parliamentary who is greatest magician of all time Kerr db. Time's up excellent up. Where has the time gone? We'll have to track that down on another episode. Okay. Excellent. It is now decision making time. It is time for early to consider all the fun facts about magic. Because now she must tell us a laya who is our liar liar pants on fire. I believe that the liar is Alex. Alice's are liar. Because whenever I asked a question p got basic answers. And he said interesting a little okay Daniel, he got like, really good answers. And he wasn't. He didn't say that much. It just went right into it. Yes. All right. Let's see will the actual real true. Magic expert, please. Let us know who you are. Daniel Grimm is a professional magicians performing at parties and corporate events and also were he had been Tasma magic in New York. Dando grim is our expert will. A great job. So Daniel, can you tell us if there were any lies that Alice told that you need to let them know about listen to the lottery, search and knows a lot about magic magicians names. However when asked about if magician reveals a trick, she mentioned something about magic jail in actuality in order to become a magician. You must sign a magician's oath. Through one therefore magicians will never review another magician secret. What if you sign it with invisible ink? Furthermore, the society of American magicians is actually all over the US, not just Los Angeles. That's why the society of American missions No point. let. And Alice were there other lies that you told all of us that you would like to tell us about. Cardini be is not the name of a real magician Cardini was a magician. But Cardini is a new fusion, magicians lush singer Dini uncles Cardi me. That's what she's saying. Sheesh. Mushed the names together to make up a new name, which was a big lie. Exactly, you told me too. I did were there. Other lives. I'm trying to think. Okay. So I think David night that's a made up name. I said he was the author of the encyclopedia of magic founded good. I don't even know if he's a real guy fantastic. What a good job what a fun show. It was. It was magic. Didn't. You think? Yeah away. You did a phenomenal job. You should be very proud of yourself because you ask great questions, and you really use those brain cells perfectly did a great job. Thank you so much to our expert at our liar to Daniel. And to thank you to our magic robot Lisa and wherever that bunny rabbit is hopefully in a safe space somewhere..

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