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There's still a lot of concern and that was not where we were a few months ago. But that's where we are now and And and so once again like local friends. I don't get to go and see as much as i did. Even two months ago son had a birthday this past week in turn four and we didn't do a party and i even You know ask a friend. Do you wanna go out and get dinner. You know bring cake and everything and even that was like not really right now because it's kinda bad right now but but again you know outside of pandemic and covet than than the other scenario is i have friends who live in florida and texas and talk throughout the week and regardless of covered we will always necessarily talk throughout the week not in person because of the distance there and i mean if being you wanted to enjoy anything together we going to get on applying nice if we just wanted to watch movies together one time. Something like face january. Two i can. I can see scenario. Where like with no irony. We watch a new apple. Tv movie at the same time official time zone. I about. I could see it happening like you know like they even announced this but i think they're going to rose feature into Fitness losses while down the road. So you could do like fitness. Possibly with friends and do at the same time. I think there's a lot of potential feature. They probably just hit bugs synchronizing. Multiple people are going to face time. It's probably quite go. mckay challenge. They just hit some bugs. They just well. We can't ship it for the point. Sarah push palo but it does. It does kind of sucks though. 'cause share play also includes three sharing. So have you just want to like share your screen face on that so so disabled. What becoming in the point zero. Unfortunately so tech support. I've faced which is definitely something. I do a lot. Want the simplified for awhile. Fellay less innovative. Yeah i mean it's just showing your camera showing the screen but unfortunately gone as well. They said it will be have chapel. You'll be ready and able to suffer later this year. So i guess fifteen point one fifty million faith with ray kind of dongfan other stuff the By the way the is technically is fifteen feature but what make for the point zero. You've got the idea. Id cowed staff. So supposedly you're going to replace your wallet by putting your driving licence in your wallet. Which was always kind of a pipe dream because which city or state is gonna join on. They spoke lobi about say poem shit. But i don't think it comes to any surprise that won't be that won't be available anytime soon. At least in the fifteen point zero release days at privacy reports the coming late to too. Didn't they say that the whole time though. Yeah yeah. yeah there's some of this stuff is just like Recapping what they kind of said from the beginning so privacy at privacy opposes like the equivalent of what you see when you browsing the web and you go and see all Like college insofar which tells you track in the websites a basically that wraps it shows which demands they contacting which and privacy sensitive serves using and calendar and photos and camera and gives you a little light rundown that i think on the current issue can get like a very technical expert ovitz. If you're like a researcher you can use to export like a waterfall of network activity but in terms of like something. That's deborah user facing has nice little girls and stuff. That's what i was delighted to. Future lace and customize cloud email domains rosanno coming launch. That's the thing if you use. I come myo which i think is like probably apples. West serve as an existence. I i wouldn't recommend abounding people do you. Don't have to use dot com address. If you wanna get mouth record mayo. You better use a custom one. But that's not coming initially and then this is wade right. Three d. navigation in carplay. So you know. They showed off those new mapping features in those select cities right now and that includes. If you've got a multi-storey road where you've got like bridges and the over the roads that go above each other well on fifteen on your phone render that in three days so you can mock see which paul of the road on an innovation. There's an assembly gay because you can actually see three version of it. Well that's that's shipping on the phone but that's no shipping as of call play until later in the yea. We'll actually which i think was from. Wbz i think that and privacy though those two things were known to be after released later this year kind of wise a problem. I just it just taking content off the understand why that's delight. I dunno it was intended to be late but everything else here is is you know was going to be released. And now isn't the kind of wildcard is universal control right. That's like the macaroni monterey where you can keep a massive your mac and use an ipad nearby just dragging new keyboard and mouse off to the side of the screen xueping over to the ipad or a second mac that feature hasn't been officially confirmed to be delayed apple yet but is yet to pay any banks or at least. It'll so.

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