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Since the nineteen forties or vancouver has been here four by the national park service. The national park service is a government agency that cares for over. Four hundred special places said the night united states like the ever played yellowstone yosemite the monuments in washington. Dc view of our national treasures. Today you're by to take works tour of fourteen using the tactile maps and you will have the opportunity to learn more about specific buildings at prices at flipping. The photo arms sly shows four vancouver at sunset during one of our special events at the mrs campfires candlelight. In this photo we could see many different kinds of families walking along the pair settling to the buildings inside the fort. I am so grateful to portland. State university's visually impaired orientation inability of the washington state school for the blind. The american printing house for the belie and portland states universities digital cities testbed center for organizing the spirit. Important cloak land today and a canadian. Wonderful opportunity. allu- aw experiments or into from a distance. I hope you find our time together today. Interesting and perhaps most important for so with that like to have megan st. Take it away. let's get started. thank you everyone. Hello everyone and thank you again for joining us today. If you received a tactile learning kit for today's program please take out your tactile map. This is an eight and a half by eleven inch piece of paper with raised aligns in either braille or print depending on your home with your tactile map in hand please oriented the page so that the key with the four symbols and text is in the upper left corner the four tactile symbols. You will encounter on this map. Include at thick line representing the palisade or exterior wall of the fort. A- hashed or dotted line representing the walking pads solid rectangular shapes representing buildings in thin raised outlines the rectangles with light texture representing the garden outside of fort in building footprints. Inside of the fort. We will start our walking tour on the hash. Line walkway at the north. End of your map or the top of the page as you follow. This hashed line down toward the exterior wall of the fort. You will pass the garden to the east which is to the right of the pathway. Hey this is megan. Good morning everyone. As we do our walk in fort vancouver today we will also hear sounds that remind us of each of the spaces that we walk through. We are now walking past the guard. And on our way into or being cooper there are flowers blooming plants growing birds and bees buzzing and volunteers wearing blue shirts working in the eighteen hundreds. This garden was much larger than it is now and provided food for the people who lived inside the court nick. Slide should an image of our tocqueville map. These continue to follow the path down as it crosses the exterior wall. Enter for vancouver. Find the first building on the left as an aside. You are visiting the park in person you would be walking south down. The path at the contact station would be to. You're right however we are looking at this map facing north so i will be using left directions from that perspective here. Now passing the context station. This is a small one story. Wood frame building with a porch inside. Visitors can pay entrance fees resent their annual. National park passes and get information from national park ranger next. We will head to achieve factors house which is directly across the pathway from the contact station to get to the front entrance. Continue down the pathway from the entrance to the park when you find an intersecting pathway turn right and head east then. The south side of the building as we approached the chief backers house we would hear some nineteenth century use it. We are now at the chief. Factors has eight lead to story. White building with a large veranda two cannons. Sit in front of this large home to enter. We will go up one of two carbs air cases as we crossed the noranda to the front door. We will see and smell great binds that grow across the front of this bill ling in the spring and summer inside a chief actors house. There is a central mess fall. Where the officers of the hudson's bay company will eat at a long table. Set or sixteen house has two wings each with a parlor in bedrooms here the Chief factor and chief trader. The with their families has also has an office and a separate dining room for women for trade posts in the nineteenth century. The wives and children of the hudson's bay company officers eat separately next. We will head to the kitchen. Which is a building attached to the chief factors house just to the north or above it on the map to enter the kitchen. We will continue east along path in front of the chief. Doctors house turn left at the next intersecting. Pathway and head north kitchen will be on your left and in the kitchen. We won't hear the crackling.

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