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The strongest record by ryan browser the greatest. What he doesn't like civil and they're about to give you the greatest show. You ever seen the tokyo olympics. Tonight on nbc. Welcome to the bravo clubhouse for the podcast edition of watch. What happens. live with me. andy cohen. she's john starting her singing and acting careers. And he's basically the poster child for veneers. it's watch with candace dillard bassett uneven van now cohen with one gus to miss united states and another is probably dating women from see to shining see my first got says my blessings are many but my patients is none please welcome real outside of potomac candace miller the ultimate catch tonight but she might be as white whale from charlotte sunset. It's nima van bartenders very familiar to candidates. It's a cut out of her. Mom miss dorothy. And if you hit one of us with your purse at least it will fall flat right. Ms dorothy she made ahead into my price. All right okay ms dorothy. I just had to reconfirm that. By the way i got to mention. I mean you kind of freaked out when you saw ms dorothy behind. The bar didn't see her. Yes you were not prepared. Yes and it's eerily similar to the one that's in her room in my house we have to cardboard cutout. George tell her yes. Don't tell her what that this is. Here okay well. I mean i'm she might see. Do you think. Did your conversation with karen tonight. Go the way you thought it would. I purposely just had no expectation. Okay you just. You don't know what to expect from karen. Were you surprised that. She said that she didn't regret standing up for. Monique kind of i kind of but then again it was like well now like this is what i've come to learn to expect from karen. She's going to give you the unexpected. Okay nima when angie end said when raza was speaking to adam about the restraining order adam suggested that dropping it might portray the tommy that his behavior is acceptable. Is that how a restraining order should be used. No i think resident jr soulmates in a weird way. And i think that adam. I have faith that hill eventually. Come around but i think you need to know that that package deal forever. Thoughts on g. and tommy's relationship. Is that a rough patch or is it something deeper. There's definitely mj complains about a lack of sex going on right now and so. I think that that's part of marital ups and downs. But i always tell her you know. Just don't get divorced. We have enough divorces in shaw's like doug divorce action to g g saying that you are hung like a baby care yeah anyway. I saw that i saw that. Anyone who doesn't like g g has a small penis. Mike the small. Pena's you're hung like this i get it. Yeah makes sense. Okay i mean the brown. Dick conversation still comes up. Occasionally we still ask to see. It really will go into chris's dm's and like they wanna trade dick pic. So they like. Send their penises. As and get this guy. I mean i mean that's what they say yes interesting now. Love chris bassett he is from what we can see a great chef and i have been wondering what are his qualifications to manage you like. Why did you think. I want this guy to take my entertainment career to the next level. Well okay so. I have to clarify not managing me from a perspective of yes. I have years of management experience. Okay he's the person that's closest to me. He knows me the best. You trust to trust them more than anybody. Sorry mom and and like he can kick in the butt and do things get me to do what i need to do in a way that other people can't tonight. Kim said that she's still second guessing. Trust in karen. Even though karen was once her second favorite person. So let's play around of.

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