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Yeah walks with a limp so it was a really harrowing experience from look at is it applied equally and i think that's important i listen i think you made a pretty pretty interesting case here and we do have obviously all the sources you see there you can now as a as a reference to piddly agassi and disagree tweet me yeah i would love to have the conversation keep gone because there's no the argument really should be is he said he was right rats and it will leave of this so quit leave your comments tweet us but i i thought it was funny let me let me okay i'm going to try and frame listen way because i know you guys don't know this who was it who said g so let's assume that what you just said is true okay let's assume the smithsonian mr let's assume that these historical accounts that we respect our true in the case of jesus gil assume that for a second we're not assuming that y you're a christian or that you need to be that's not what this but let's assume for the sake of argument that's the case many people do many historians do okay let's start with that so at that point you have to acknowledge he existed he died and then you look at the the conspiracies at well either efsa what's the most what's the most likely scenario the apostles were in on it and then they were they were murdered in a very violent unsavory manner and then who said this in that case either jesus christ is gotten flesh the son of god a liar or a crazy person who said that i now give it to me cs lewis ronnie james do what ronnie irani james do deal hall had beca.

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