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She dropped in our left the biggest moneymakers in gone with the wind louise tv saint clair too yes it was very funny i brush off how you persuade give you hydros the is one of those unsolved mysteries i didn't expect you to understand it personally i think she's going this loyalty thing too far she worked for you for four years i don't think i didn't know you were trying to bribe or to work for you because i know no she said joe in spite of everything i'm opening my next novel the b in b i i owe that much to them she calls you joe really close friends matter of fact i have a surprise for you lillies are going to be married married you know what happens when boy meets girl he preacher she's going to marry you and she calls that loyalty just a minute i mean that i wish you all luck in the world but you're you're going to have some sort of party to announce the coming event of the trade aren't you what be a good idea sure sure of course you won't be able to have it in her place lose apartment is a small and so out of the way i hear small yes places near this clever line is off right yeah you've lost your memory she's living on not burn crescent north oh north burn let me see the numbers six one four that was it you're only six hundred numbers off at twelve forty six northbound i've always surgeon the late twelve forty six yes what was i thinking of thank you joe.

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