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Blasted higher debt right they'll go right the giants have exploded here in the third inning and weight balance well the Dodgers by a score of five great call by David glass very evocative Valenzuela Darrell Evans David glass if you're around an eighty two it's all very memorable now we pick up the action in the fifth inning chances to win in five to one Joe back with his relieved Valenzuela a chase them in with one now Reggie Smith is at second base and Jeffrey Leonard the young actor man is at the plate back with goes to work at a pet belted high and did not fail basketball Baker all the way to the Jack wondered at the giants Dodgers seven no one in the fifth inning and that's a good day especially over dusty Baker said what's a dusty you looked up and saw a home run by the hack man by the way judge would actually have to hang on a little bit I just made a run but they get the eight to six when Reggie Smith three hits three runs scored Dale Evans three RBIs and bill Laskey a hearing with vita on KNBR one unearned run only in five innings got his twelfth win Hey bill you beat Fernando it all happened on August fifteenth nineteen eighty two and there's been Brian Murphy with this date in giants history hi thanks for finally time for a quick check another game so let's go places with the Toyota out of town scoreboard ten games on the docket cubs and Phillies going in Philly it's five nothing cubbies that came in the bottom of the sixth inning Indians beating up on the bombers in the Bronx twelve one Indians on top of the Yankees thirteen hits that one for Cleveland they've only gone five innings in that game so far top six in cincy at the great American ball park the cardinals who were in the of wild card races well losing to the Reds to nothing Cincinnati their bottom for in Atlanta mats on top seven to Joe panic now with the Mets he is as singled and scored a run earlier on the Pete Alonso home run Texas at home against Minnesota it's all Twinkie six nothing by end of the third inning there a one final mia Seattle beat Detroit at Comerica seven two actually couple finals Dodgers lose to the Marlins thirteen seven Marlins get him elsewhere course change the D. backs in Arizona white Sox take on the angels down in southern California be right now Reynaldo Lopez for the chai socks into Heaney on the mound for Tom's angels and Houston in the eighties across the bay seven o'clock start Aaron Sanchez going up against Mike fires all right to the giants lineup is out it's Solano Slater Posey Longoria Pelor genet Ricard belt and recuerde belts and Derek Rodriguez said doesn't for pre game dominoes who.

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