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Because of you is Saint kid NewsRadio one thousand eighty okay, M, K X y FM ninety six point one HD two Oklahoma City. The president travels to the US Mexico border in Texas. I'm Beth Myers in the NewsRadio one thousand KT. Okay. News center, speaking in mcallen, Texas today. President Trump said that there is a tremendous flight of illegal immigration, drug trafficking and human trafficking at the US Mexico border. They come across the border, and it's a it's a bad thing and their drive. They just go where there's no security where you don't even know the difference between Mexico and the United States. There's no line of demarcation. They just go out and where there's no fencing or walls of any kind. They just make left into the United States at the White House earlier today, the president said it would be very surprising for him not to declare a national emergency. If he can't make a deal with Democrats to pay for a border wall. Now, the regional food Bank of Oklahoma says those affected by the government shutdown can receive food assistance at more than thirteen hundred community based partner agencies throughout central. And western Oklahoma food Bank CEO, Katie FitzGerald, says no one should be forced to make a choice between paying their rent or buying food for their family. A list of food pantries is available on the regional food Bank website. A trial date has been set for a former Kingston first grade teacher accused of having sex with three male Kingston high school students forty three year old tasha's McQueen was arraigned yesterday in Marshall county district court. She is charged with three counts of second degree rape. Her trial is set for September ninth and a student at a broken arrow middle school was arrested today after bringing a pellet gun to school the student at centennial middle school allegedly showed the gun to another student in a threatening manner. In a statement the district says school administrators located the student immediately after being informed and worked in conjunction with broken arrow police the flu season is in full swing. The state health department reporting today that there have been thirteen. Eighteen flu deaths in Oklahoma since the start of the flu season on September. First the average age of the victims seventy five more than three hundred people have been hospitalized. He apparently was ready for a gun battle. It turns out a man with a gun who was shot and wounded by to Oklahoma City police officers this morning was wearing a bulletproof vest. Police say they tried to stop a stolen vehicle this morning and the pursuit ended in the parking lot of Wheeler elementary school on south east twenty fifth street. They say thirty year old Cody long street got out of his vehicle with a gun and ran he refused to drop the gun. And when he turned toward officers police say they fired their weapons, and he was hit. He was taken to a hospital. He is expected to recover. He does have a history of drug and firearm convictions, Tulsa police arrested a man last night who they say shot his father in the back during an argument. The victim was taken to a hospital and is expected to be okay. Twenty six year old Zachary Larry. Was booked into jail and Enid man got a big surprise Tuesday. When he traveled all the way to uconn to allegedly have sex with a fourteen year old girl. He met on social media forty Jason c can actually been communicating with an undercover investigator posing as a young girl and what he showed up at the chapel ridge apartments in Yukon. He was arrested. Jiffy.

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