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For a touchdown. O._J.'s bills at a terrible season only three games people starting to wonder now if Simpson was a bust and his personal life O._J.. Marguerite celebrated the birth other Second Child Jason April of Nineteen seventy. Let's get away from sports stats a bit further TACO and O._J.'s. I just a tiny bit more until this week. I don't remember knowing the O._J.. was even married before Nicole. Marguerite has been described as shy and private given very very very few interviews over the years. She was an incredibly beautiful woman in my opinion as attractive tractor remorse Oh than Nicole is Nicole is known a beautiful she still alive possibly remarried to a furniture salesman according to the Internet definitely do in her best out of the spotlight O._J.. Would claim was famed the destroyed his marriage to Marguerite. She hated being recognized in public to might have been more to with the net. She was once interviewed by Barbara Walters for twenty two thousand nine hundred ninety five after the murder of O._J.. Second wife and she claimed the While O._J.. Was Not faithful to her. He was notoriously unfaithful actually also not abusive. She said if O._J.. Had hit hit her he would have got quote a frying pan of site his head. There was just no way that I would allow that to happen to me. Maybe true but I don't buy a month following this interview in February nineteen ninety-five a retired L._a._p._d.. Officer named James Jim King spoke inside edition about a domestic violence call Simpson home in West L. A. During the mid seventies saying Marguerite indicated that O._J.. Had punched her kicked her choked her had forced her to the ground he never denied touching marguerite to the contrary he said Ed he should have not touched her so you can decide for yourself who to believe I will also add that after the death of Nicole numerous l._a._p._d.. Officers came forward reported. They've been called out the Simpson home. Many many many times for domestic violence tissues charges almost never filed so while there is no record no arrest record of O._J.. Beating Margaret that does not mean he didn't do that and there really isn't much else known about Marguerite very little has ever been written about and he gets. Feeling that's kind of the way she wants it in one picture of O._J.. Marguerite O._J.. has has a decent size afro and Holy Shit was at not a good look at him especially accompanied by Titus early seventies polyester pants and a tight button up shirt. It looks like someone photoshop his head to be twice as big as a head should be. I have a big head got down the horrible water. Had nickname makes so much more sense to me. The more like these pictures I get why he started keeping his fro nice and tight for the rest of his life no acting roles for O._J.. Nineteen seventy perhaps his interest interest was fading as his Onfield starpower also fading Nineteen seventy-one n._F._l.. SEASON WILL BE O._J.'s best so far bacilli great one still underperforming based on expectations runs for seven hundred yards for the third year in a row scores five touchdowns bill the bills win only one game no acting roles fame meter continuing to drop along with his football start a meter as you might guess O._J...

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