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At the head of the Baylor Bears. There's 11 days till the season. What happens now? Look, Baylor was calling and she was like, Look, I let y'all but Why jungle reduces we out here now, That is probably one of the most premier jobs in college sports period. And so you can't fault her for wanting to leave. It just is 10 days before the WB season. I got the top position That's really tough, and this franchise has already been through a lot. So I mean, obviously this is a great opportunity for hopefully, maybe you know some diversities of former players, somebody to assume the round there where we can make strides is illegal for all but good. Good on Nikki Colin good on the Atlanta dream for hopefully filling that position with someone that will want to be there for the long term and build our lead up. Let's hope so. It's got to be a tough position to be a teammate now on. They're expecting this, But you're keeping that same energy. I gotta give credit words. Do I on this show? Not too long ago. Did a handstand thought I was real great for a 32nd hand stand. Brian Baldinger does a great job breaking things down over the NFL network hit me with one up on this with a handstand and a breakdown. Listen to this. We're not gonna listen, but we're going to see Brian Baldinger. Today He was breaking down. The Philadelphia Eagles pick of offensive linemen landed Dickerson on ahead. Stand There. Now note the form for anyone watching on ESPN. But Brian Baldinger, I know how old he is probably closer to my dad's age. Here, rock solid delivering takes from a headstand today. Does this make you less impressed with my own head stand that we saw here on this? Not necessarily because you said you could do it for a minute and you end up doing it for 45 seconds. So you undervalued yourself at 30,.

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