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Okay i wanna run. Something passed to you. I feel i intend to has been kind of. I don't know you know is just doing the same thing over. And over with these mario sports games i like. I've seen a lot of mario golf. We've seen a lot of mario tennis. We haven't seen. Mario extend himself into new hobbies and pastimes in sports. So i was hoping that you chew. Could you know maybe pitch me. And you know reggie and And everybody else that nintendo even though registered intendo on some sports that would be good for mario and friends. Well you are ignoring mario and sonic at the olympic games. Which i went out to dave and buster's this past week 'cause i was looking for activities for my easily bored four year old. And they had that arcade game there and watching. Mario's beautiful body goes just soar through the water like like a moustachioed dolphin. It just drives home that there's nothing this little guy can't do. My son of course did not want to play his mario. He did play his metal sonnet. I'd so i think that he's his skill. Set is a lot more diverse than you're giving them credit for you know he's played basketball with the extremely good weirdly square inex- titan basketball was that on. Ds what's what's system. Had the the mario square basketball game. Oh god this is gonna drive me crazy anyway. They couldn't matter less. I gotcha okay man. This is this is not going to be funny is just gonna be great. Just like a great idea ultimate. Yeah i mean ultimate. It's right there. There's a ton of and don't say ultimate frisbee. Don't you dare me. And all the real pros call. Ultimate ultimate is Where you're running around like that's a great fit for mario tossing the The fun disc. That's great and then you're like running to catch it and you can use like super throws and super catches and then there is also different super runs. You could do. I mean come. On ultimate mario ultimate. I don't wanna poop on your idea but an alternative. What about mario e. sports. What does that even mean. Is that aid. It's watch you just play overwatch. But you dress up as mario what but you could. What if there's like a border around the screen and you could just see mario's like the like it's in vr. And if you look down you see your weird bus sash gloved hands but you are playing the game overwatch That would be good. Actually that may more. What are the other sports. He's done basketball. He's done baseball game. What by the way. It was mario hoops three on three. And you could play like viva black made and like all kinds of weird shit. I gave him kicked ass. Mario his bold obviously missing stuff like lacrosse. You know rugby. I don't know if he's done hockey. He's not done hockey. I well okay. So he probably did. In one of the mario sports mix oh in the winter olympic games. Yeah right. That's what i was thinking of. Also there's not much jumping in hockey in fact they'd kind of discourage it because you have Swords on your feet when you go. Mario hockey google like you mean mario lemieux right. You couldn't possibly we all the call them. Mario hockey racket ball. I mean there was that virtual boy game sure rajabov did do those. I think the answer is ultimate. I think i you know like ultimate mario ultimate is a very good idea. Oh by the way ultimate fighting championship. And don't say smash brothers. I want that real shit. Feel the the mustache sweat being flicked in your eyes as you go for a huge spin kick. I wanted to get nasty. Like those. Like super fucking funny like new grounds. Flash games was like luigi polluting. Dude i need to say one other thing about mario go first off checks in the mail from nintendo. Icu ultimately ultimate is actually extremely good idea. Let's see some box art. Let's get it out there. Let's crank it out Mario to nintendo makes it takes eight years to make zelda in three months to make a sports so it does make a few make a coming out and got ultimate one of the complaint. I had to lodge sometimes after you finish your shot you have to for just a few fleeting moments watch other characters. Finish their golf. And the fact that i have now had to spend literally any of my increasingly fleeting life. Minutes watching fucking pink yoshi finish. His gulfs segment is absolutely of a moral crime rural rooting for your opponents. Because you just. You're tired of watching them. Play golf without you and you're like just sink it just fucking drain that bucket from that like that. That thirty yard chip in baby just bored button when you're golfing by yourself. But not when fucking pankios. She is golfing. And you're watching him gulf out in front of everybody. Anyway we asked you for your thoughts on. Mario super super rush. I'm opening up the mail bag. Let's see what we got From aj we got. The game is good ag. You're right. i'm so glad to have somebody on on my side. Winston the current rosters outfits. Do you like the best. I'm a big fan of warrior. And while the we'd use pointed shoes but bowser juniors whole fit is a ten out of ten for me any choice other than mario and luigi is wrong because warriors also got like a weird cowboy hat on. That is so fresh. That doesn't make much sense but is so fresh. I had eight thousand gold coins. Confirm how to spend a damn one of them. I'm still wearing the exact same. Get up more. When i started the game. There's no place to buy clothes. that's nice one person. There was not that. I mean i ran around the whole stupid building. I found someone that would sell me a bunch of different themed clubs which was great because for me seven clubs is never enough because i have real specific needs with each different one. I know what they all do right But there i couldn't find where to buy clothes. I'm sure you candidate thousand gold coins on. Never play this game again. Here's an interesting question from josh. I tend to strongly associated feeling competent at a game with enjoying it. If i feel. I'm mad at it. I struggled actually enjoy the game as i get older. This seems more common curious. If you guys have experienced similar anxieties especially as you've age. I think this is very because tom. Good at the game. Therefore i like it but you two are bad at the game. Their offense bullshit. I'm great at the game. I think i am the first course that i did. I got like an eight under with a minus eight. Because it's it's not that difficult. I did win that. I won first place like i got first place and i comfortable back from margin and i did enjoy that sensation of like winning at it now i but i mean now as i look back on like what did i enjoy about. That is just like beating cooper or something I can kinda see the with this. Although i will say that like i actually have kind of had the inverse where if a game is frustrating in a way that seems like possible right. I'm actually much more susceptible to incremental improvement then. I am like overwhelming success. I if the games like just doles out a little bit where it's like. Whoa you made it. You know five inches farther in your run like that will hook me a lot more than overwhelming success. Especially if you have the scrutiny of other players if it's an online thing that is why i think destiny and final fantasy fourteen like hooked me so much. Is this feeling of like god. This high end. Ray looks harsh shit but you do stuff that kind of walks towards that and you see the trajectory that can get you there and overcoming that that anxiety is is the most rewarding thing i feel like games can do to a player. And so yeah..

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