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Minutes after 88 12 Wdun survey question, access wdun dot com. Here's what we're asking you today, boy, constant investments, people on both sides calling for boycotts of Georgia based businesses. Do you have Georgia companies in your investment portfolio, and I still asked. Do you know what's in your investment portfolio? If you have a four? Oh one K knows some people do And I think a lot of folks just don't know what's in there. But 66% actually 67% of your responding this morning to our survey questions say No, You don't have any of those companies in your portfolio on that means the remainder do because it's a simple Yes. No question. Again. That's it. Access wdun dot com. Strange days, indeed, most peculiar Mama that's still a line from a song just I don't know. I've been keeping up the situation in what's going on in California. It's always a rather interesting situation. A lot of times the things that go on there. And, of course, the recall with Governor Gavin Newsom in the crosshairs. Of course, he's claiming it's just a bunch of trump supporters who just don't like him when in reality what, like two million signatures and I think some of those they're gonna be whittled down but still be well over the number that they need. Once they go back to the verification process on the petition for the night over the next 30 days and called some of that yesterday on Brian Kilmeade choke out some of that with with Todd Starnes yesterday as well in his program. It's just interesting. Because, as you may have heard with Todd's program, it's a cross section. There are Democrats. People within Newsome's party who just are not happy with the job is done, and I'm happy with states going. I'll be honest with you. Just anecdotally checking in with my son about all the fees they had hopes. They have to jump through to run a small business out there. I keep questioning. I haven't asked him out loud. At some point, the question has to come up. Is it worth still worth the struggle? Is it worth it to try to make it there just because of all the things that are going on. So that said, As you probably know, from headlines about keeping up, there's a good chance that they'll have another recall out there. They'd be the first time that a governor has been recalled in California since 2003. When Governor Davis was the subject of a recall, and Arnold Schwarzenegger the governor to got into the into the office at that point, But the question is who will step up to fill the void? And we've had a couple of interesting candidates announced for that, Like I said, these are interesting days, Reality star and former decathlete Caitlyn Jenner. You spin on his Bruce throwing the ring hat into the ring for that, But here's the one that's really rather interesting. In a tweet yesterday. Randy Quaid. Yes, Cousin Eddie from the vacation movies seriously consider running for governor. The prosecutorial corruption in California, especially Santa Barbara. And the Bell scandal is rampant, and I promised that if elected, I will clean up the district Attorney office throughout the state. So that's what Randy is saying. Of course, Randy's had his own rather interesting. Situation with the laws of the things that, he said and been part of previously living in Canada, where he his wife sought asylum as they felt at the time that their lives were in danger. Earlier this month. The actor Uh, who is? 70 said that he, uh he's seriously considering it, so we'll see. We'll see that's uh Huh? Well, Who knows? Just gets weirder and weirder. And weirder. 16 minutes after 88 16 it W dy wanted to follow up on a story that we've we had yesterday and that story involving Hall County Board of Education and, Of course, the emails that were red folks. T o Um parents petitioning for the school system to get rid of the mandatory mask the mandate that's going on there and yesterday on newsroom with Mitch Clark, superintendent of Hall County schools. Will Scofield was on and answered that question. Will you consider that? Is that a possibility either going into the rest of this year or the beginning of next year place since this started last year ago, February I get emails, almost none of the allegations from people either saying we're not doing enough or we're doing too much, and it really has lent itself trying to continue to stay connected with local health professionals with our local health department. Taking a look at what's going on in terms of community spread. We've got some very active data and partnerships with the hospital that involved the kind of infection nights that they're dealing with either with our employees or students or their families. On. That's the data that we let get. Quite honestly, if we were where we are today way, probably would whatever little mitigation going on where we're in pretty good shape. But you know, every decision has an upside potential downside. Doing anything with Mass right now for the last three weeks of the school year, certainly has a little bit of it upside. I mean, some people would feel better. Although I would tell you that you have 25 emails tomorrow from people saying, What's the matter with you? Have you lost your mind? And the potential downside If all of a sudden, you know, we got a variant cooking at a school and all of a sudden we had some sick youngsters. Um, is cami much greater than the upside of May. We've come this far with that graduations coming up. We've got a number of Teams competing for state championships and to just say, Let's just we're tired. Let's just quit the quit pretending we're in a pandemic and move on. I get it. I know the emotion. Nobody's sicker wearing masks, and I am But you know what? We're gonna We're gonna stay the course we're gonna keep opening up outside to the best of our abilities were up to 75% absolute outside. We're gonna have his many graduation tickets as we've ever had this year so that families and friends can celebrate that milestone with our seniors. And that was comments yesterday from newsroom Mitch Clark there with Will Scofield, superintendent.

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