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Deck it doesn't look like it's from that decade at all and and and and i think it has and she's wearing a black leather jacket which the only the guys have been doing i mean she looked so much more like she's going to be in you know performing with like joan jett or or or something and and that's part of sort of what's interesting to me about her transformation is she's every scene with her in this movie she's trying on a different identity like when she sings hopelessly devoted to you which is an incredible song i want to talk about nine a minute she's repeating a phrase that the other girl that mardi mirror chino said earlier when she's looking at marty has like twenty different marines that she's in touch with and she's looking at all of them and saying i'm hopelessly devoted to you you meaning all twenty of you and then sandy goes out and sings a song using a phrase that she's just heard trying out what is it like to to to confess my hopeless devotion to somebody so anyway the scene on thunder road when she comes up and there's an incredible beautiful shot where she shows up wearing pink for the first time so palate wise identifying with all the pink ladies on the blue sky and like the giant like l a river behind her and she watches this race from really far distance and then she says you know what i've i've made a decision i think sandy has to die thanks i can't remember if she actually says that but it certainly how i felt she was saying it and then and frankly i need your help let's go do this she what she's doing is she's watching these people who are having the best fucking time she's a she's a middle class girl from another country but she spent this whole movie interacting with a group of working class kids that she hasn't totally known how to relate to and they have been breaking down the class barriers by telling her she needs to get rid of her like bourgeois middle class sensibilities and when she sees these kids having this insane hot rod race and everybody's having the best time and then they're singing for he's a jolly good fellow when zuko winds she's like that's.

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