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A Palm Beach county man could be changing his tune today. Louis Bennett is due to appear in court today in Miami and records show he may agree to a plea deal. The forty one year old is accused of killing his wife last year while they were sailing from the Bahamas to south Florida, but Isabelle helman's body has never been found. Also due in court today, the suspect in the national mail bomb scare he's due to appear in federal court in Miami. Federal judge will decide whether or not Cezar CEOs will be transferred from south Florida to New York if as charges he mailed pipebombs to several prominent Democrats and CNN south Florida man, who's HIV positive is accused of raping a fourteen year old girl without using any protection. David police arrested Williams, Charles bell on charges that he allegedly repeatedly raped a young girl was she was staying in his mobile home on weekends over the summer. Police say the. Scarred. Bell was HIV positive during the investigation. And then he transmitted the virus to his ex wife nearly twenty years ago. It's not clear whether the alleged victim also contracted the virus or what bells relationship to her is bell is charged with engaging in sexual activity with a minor engaging in sexual performance of a child possession of child pornography on a computer and resisting arrest without violence is breakable NewsTalk eight fifty WFAN. President Trump and former President Obama both appearing in Florida this weekend to campaign for candidates for their respective parties. Abominable campaign with Democrats Senate candidate Bill Nelson and candidate for governor Andrew gillum that it'd be in Miami this afternoon. Meantime, President Trump holding a political rally in Pensacola Saturday for candidate for governor. Rhonda Santa's and congressman Matt gates, President Trump planning to lower the cost of prescription drugs after the election by cutting out somebody now, they're going to drop it down because we're getting rid of a lot of the middleman it's called I never heard middleman and middle woman, you probably have some women in there too. So we'll call them the middleman and the middle woman. Okay. So he promises to take action on those prescription drug costs soon with days left until the mid term elections. President Trump, of course, this dumping all over the country last night. He was in Missouri. And it looks like a couple of racism, especially one here. In south Florida are really close in Arizona congresswoman, Martha mcsally or former fighter pilot. She's.

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