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And you have to see how the dominant wanted Harper and Machado. You're looking at a team or you say he's going to be the nets two point. Oh, where they're going to be crowned as the air appearance to this. And they're gonna fall just short or they're going to try and rebuild in a different way to when they won that World Series decade, again, I think you're exactly right on the teams that I could see him going to you know, I look I didn't live in Philly. But I worked in Philly for four years is just not a price. Harper town to me. I don't see the fit there in terms of. I know those fans and what they like in terms of player tough on their stars. And very pleasant people. They're tough on the stars. But they value people who show up all the time, and who are perceived as very hard worker effort and one of the Kent lackadaisical go after the ball and right feel things and I'm not I'm not killing Bryson's. 'cause I understand you want. Not only do you want to get two free agency. You wanna have a ten twelve year run heart. I well, you can't run to the wall all the all out. And sometimes you don't run every ground ball out to end up with with the. Charlie hustles of Manny much. I mean, I. And Phillies immediate towns a tough town. And so I just I'm not sure that's a fit for him. Let me get to the other big story. Locally the university of Maryland has apparently agreed to offer the job which will be taken to Mike Loxley. Mike Loxley has been at Maryland before he's a great recruiter. Everybody knows. He's a great recruiter. News local he he has recently served as the offense coordinator at Alabama. Alabama's great jour- Alabama's great so Mike Loxley. There's there's a lot of shine that falls off on Mike Loxley for that. Mike, lots has been a head coach twice once an interim level at the university of Maryland. After Randy Edsall was fired think that's once for a couple of years, plus at New Mexico. Yes, where he had all sorts of bad off the field issues. Here is his record as a head coach in college football three and. Thirty six to three Goodwin's though could win homecoming three and thirty six and Maryland. And let me give you a list of people at Maryland has higher in the relatively recent past. And I'm gonna leave out Bobby Ross and Ralph reach because we'd all be agreement that they're really good. They're the top two. Yeah. Dave hired a Vander Linden, Duffner Edsel and Durkan. Yeah. They have gotten it wrong. Much more often than they have gotten it right now. I'm so I'm speaking for wilbon and me, I'm gonna ask David if I'm speaking for you. I would not have gone to Mike locks. Okay. Yeah. I mean, you don't obviously because he was a successful head coach was not you hired him to recruit your hiring done the pants because he's a local guy that people in town know, and like you're hiring him because he played just coach at Alabama with Nick Sabin and your heart because you you're hoping for the Belichick corollary. You're hoping that the second time around he does better. And maybe he does and maybe he doesn't. But that's what your banking on. Done it. You know, I don't know that much about college football coaching to know, if he was the hottest system, if there was somebody else that you could have brought in that would have done a good job. But I think Maryland, I can understand them doing it from the simple standpoint that everything is in so much turmoil over there people alumni people that give money wanna see if Amelio face somebody that they know I can't believe they let this athletic director, stay and make this higher. That is the one thing docs, believe I can't believe they paid a search firm to find the guy who's been in right?.

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