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The low tonight and then thursday and friday mostly sunny with highs in the mid to upper eighties from cbs four i'm meteorologist dave angela on koa newsradio eight fifty am and ninety four one f sixty four degrees sunshine in denver at nine twelve on colorado's morning news just days away from a very expensive competitive primary for governor she's the former colorado state treasurer now running for governor and it is her fiftieth birthday a little birdie told us today kerry kennedy live in studio good morning good morning april house fifty field because i'm going to be there sooner than not it feels great and i'm hoping for the best fiftieth birthday present ever from the people of colorado to go forward the nominee for the democratic party governor of this state that'd be quite a gift mardi had an idea for your fundraising yeah what is it a fifty fifty something like that take advantage leverage that age will i sure would appreciate it got a lot of folks in this state supporting the campaign i appreciate it marty you'll start getting the aarp stuff in the mail to which i i get as well as as a reminder immigration obviously is the thing that that is being talked about a lot and we've we've talked to some strategist at least on the republican side about that impacting the race when you look at it from a big perspective how do you think that is going to influence the race for governor may be on the democratic side mardi what the president is doing on the border separating children from their parents with absolutely no information of when they're going to see each other again if they're going to see each other again it is a new low for the trump administration it is inhumane and it is not what america is about and even the former republican party chair this morning called out the current leading republican for governor in this state treasurer walker stapleton for defending the president's policies last night in a debate talking about dick waddams bottom said called out walker stapleton for defending the trump administration's policies we're better than this april and we cannot tolerate what is happening on the border you would see me as governor of the state join other states in suing the trump administration so that we can protect those families and protect those children at the border from the terror that they're experiencing right now we interviewed dick little bit earlier on the show you'll hear that again at nine fifty this morning but he also had some things to say about democrats and immigration when it comes to sanctuary cities he said that could hurt you folks come november as well he's not just talking about the governor's race but congressional races in the midterms as well where do you stand on sanctuary cities does colorado i have several of them but when you look at denver aurora in boulder and what would you do about those well this terms being tossed around with absolutely no definition and what's important april is that we make sure our communities are safe and for our communities to be safe everyone who lives here needs to be able to interact with local authorities they need to be able to call the police if they see child abuse or domestic violence or to report a crime or to report to court we cannot have the kind of raids taking place where families are afraid to drop their kids off at school they're afraid to take their children to the library these are families that have been here for years that's what's gonna make our our state unsafe and you'll see me as governor fight those policies and i think all the democrats stand strong in saying federal immigration policy is federal immigration policy it should not be enforced by our local police officers local firefighters local officials colorado is you've heard me say many times proudly purple sweaty state of those constituents who say look this is just law enforcement and if we don't have borders and we don't have laws than we're lawless.

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