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The hands of the Dallas stars on home ice and while we were denied the storyline of Braden holtby playing in his old stomping grounds they former cap's netminder was present for a standing ovation while his old teammates scored against his 156th different goalie Carlson across duo match did he score That get off the power play 7 70 As John Walton on 1500 a.m. calling what was also obi's 12th career 40 goals season it ties the great 8 with the great one Wayne Gretzky for the most such seasons in NHL history In the NCAA women's tournament Maryland beat Florida Gulf Coast 89 65 thanks largely to a 19 O run that spanned both halves coach Brenda freeze That's the chemistry that we have in this locker room That's why this team has been able to fight all year through all the adversity because you can see how close they are But definitely triggered a response by the girls to want to fight harder The terps advanced to their second street 16 where they will face one seed Stanford highlighting the men's tournament duke beat Michigan state for coach K's 1200th career win Jim lerone is ten seed Miami hurricanes routed two seed auburn to advance to face another upset winner 11 seat Iowa state and in the NIT Virginia is on to round three thanks to an overtime win over north Texas The nationals meet the Astros three two in a story book exhibition as Darren baker handed his father dusty the lineup card pre game and then handed dear old dad the L by driving in the winning run Rob would fork to believe TOP sports The top stories we're following for you today on WTO U.S. Supreme Court Justice clarence Thomas is being treated at sibley memorial hospital in D.C. for an infection The justice is receiving intravenous antibiotics and is said to be resting comfortably Judge katangi Brown Jackson the first black woman nominated to the Supreme Court is going before the Senate Judiciary Committee today with the path to her historic confirmation seemingly clear The 51 year old Jackson has been a federal judge for the past 9 years The people's convoy is expected to make its presence known again this week in the district If it goes like last week the convoy will ride along I three 95 and two 95 and police will block off the ramps to prevent the convoy from going into downtown D.C. Stay with WTO for more on these stories in just minutes Three 47 a lot of people get an emotional boost from spring cleaning getting rid of the clutter Your local goodwill gets a boost out of it too if you donate your cast off Cleaning out your closets can make a huge impact on people in our community in need Goodwill's Brendan Hurley Goodwill a greater Washington is desperate for donations to meet the growing consumer demand for donated goods and low cost merchandise Andy says proceeds fund a GED program and job training People find jobs in the hospitality hotel industry We have a program in energy and construction And we also operate in adult charter high school There are 20 area donation centers Christy king WTO P news Traffic and weather on the 8s to rich hunter and the WTO beat traffic center are still waiting on word whether or not they found the debris through 70 south on their exit 12 Watkins mode that was along the right sides to stay left to get by beyond that nothing else in your way headed down toward the beltway in Bethesda For now I 95 the bowl of my Washington park band good shape still running while on both sides of the beltway through Montgomery and prince George's county's coming in on 50 from Annapolis in the northeast Washington You're also moving well on branch avenue north on before you get up to the bellway long-standing crash remains still squeezing by single file to the right past to clean up Again just watch out for a brief but abrupt slowdown there as a result Still waiting on word when they're going to get that cleared up but for now again just a brief but abrupt slowdown Virginia side just the one works and remains something to look up at the valley approaching I 66 Both exits to both eastbound and westbound 66 are closed as a result of that work You're diverted further north up to route 7 to work your way back Rich hunter WTF traffic Now to storm team four meteorologists Samara Theodore Today will be a beautiful day Tons of sunshine out there for your Monday.

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