A new story from Labor: Know Your Rights


Hello listeners this is labor rates podcast. I'm your host Dave. This episode is brought to you by the National League of Justice and security professionals where the members come first contact information can be found in our show notes including our toll free number where you can leave a message. Ideas for future. Episodes are tell us about events. Campaigns are victories in your union. Please check out life on record At the United Auto Workers Union Convention Banking eighteen fifty five Johnny Gardy was appointed. President of New York's local 1:02 despite never working in any related industry a year later the New York City Crime Commission and Manhattan District Attorney. Frank Hogan accused local one or two in two twenty seven of various wrongdoings in February of Nineteen fifty three the AFL CIO ordered the United Auto Workers International National to revoke local one. Two's charter or face suspension. The UAW dissolved local to the Manhattan. DA's ZAPPA's convicted the Gardy in state tax evasion charges but he returned to politics over U. A. W. F. L. L. President Lester worshippers opposition in April nineteen fifty four washburn expelled. The gardy from the Union and lifted lifted six local charters dominated by him the U. A. W. F. L.'s. Executive Board overruled Washburn reinstating clearing during the party of any wrongdoing. Eventually Gardy resigned in one thousand nine hundred fifty five Senate subcommittee investigated Chicago's U. A. W. F. L. local to eighty six which was dominated by Angelo is Cisco a notorious organized crime figure on February nineteen fifty six the UAW NFL revoked for locals chart but rescinded. Its action the following following day..

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