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Know uh have their parents 'do going to be here somewhere or they can bring the man um but the parents are the ones that broke all in the first place on your basic question yes i would take it but with the caveat that uh goodness gracious why why should the parents or they legal guardians fee awarded uh for breaking off fact if my thought i think right now too to answer your question oh goanywhere bill berry don't don't don't just they'll just drop a comet dash man i have a conversation um there's nothing that protects them right now those illegal parents or guardians brothers sisters older cousins matvere whatever are still eligible for deportation of their found they are there still eligible if they are found in and processed and found without staff attas vacant be kicked out so hey it's a risk and it doesn't solve everything it really doesn't it doesn't solve everything villa i understand you're not the only one that called up and asked what about the parents oh also know that that school year the only when the maitre so that's the best the answer i have for you right now so that future concern i understand it i understand completely and now that we have all those concerns out in the open build you take the deal or not prepare regret the darker kid grim yes i would create could deal i went to could deal but i guess a path to citizenship for dr kids for the wall period that's it that's the deal right there take it or leave it yes or no yes i guess we got a compromise somewhere i would take it and thank goodness uh you know for what whatever people say about trump fateful thing you know who crying and he had a hell of are not more our compromise issues grandma well hold on bill before you go ahead and hurt you back bowing to him it's the democrats are standing in the way meet nunes entertaining informative local six seventy nate shelman here for heralds auto body my friend live god hit by a.

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