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Get back to it with james. Well i think what doing experiments is giving you permission to just start something because one of the common comments and questions that i receive is you. I want to start this podcast. Or i want to do this thing. I wanted grow this business. But i don't know where to start and as i was listening to you talk about it in the book. I'm like this is it. This is where you start you. Just do little experiments that have tremendous upside potential limited downside risk. And you just start. You just do something. It doesn't have to be the ideal version you just testing to see if it's going to work and if it does take one more experiment after that. Yeah yeah the other day someone was telling me. Oh i'd like to start a doing youtube videos but You know. I need to you know i. It's really expensive equipment. I need to price it out and like production assist and all that like look. Look at your phone right. Phone is has a better video camera on it. Then what. Martin scorsese us francis ford. Coppola us to shoot the godfather like that shouldn't be holding you back and a lot of utah times. Yeah as an excuse because maybe not ready yet or maybe they're afraid or maybe i don't know i don't know what You know sometimes that happens to me. I come up with the excuses. It usually means you don't really want to do something like if you really want to do something you just go do it right if i really wanted to even like riding through i said i wanna write a thriller by really wanted to write a thriller. I would just sit down today. I'd wake up a half hour early right the first three pages of it. Yeah it's it's. It's definitely true that if you wanted it you you would just do it. You would get after it. You'd have no problems and not use that as an excuse to to not move for you. Don't want to go back to something you said earlier. 'cause it caught me and i didn't and i wanted to. I thought about it for a second. You said some people don't believe the idea of talent. I've actually never heard that before. I've never heard that concept. I've never heard anybody say that. I'm really curious where that comes from. Well so the guy who really. So malcolm glad well popularized the concept of the ten thousand hour rule in the book outliers right but it was really just documenting. The research done by this one guy. Professor anders eriksson. Who's a very good guy. He recently or past few years ago he passed away but he's the one who really did all the experiments research to develop the ten thousand hour and his concept was if you spend ten thousand hours give or take a couple of thousand hours of what's called deliberate learning. Which is you you you do something. A coach gives you feedback. You do it again. So there's a lot of repetition a lot of feedback and You know from a from a coach. Who's better and you know that's deliberate practice and and you ten thousand hours of that. He says you'll beat the best in the world. And or among the best in the world and he did not believe at all in talent so for instance he would train people to win the world memory championship. You know how many numbers in a row can you memorize. And he you know. The people he taught using his theories broke every world record in memory and his even was was. None of these people had any more town than anybody else he. He pick random people and he taught them to break world records in memory and he noticed the same patterns occurred. You know in a lot of other fields although it's hard to really scientifically test many other fields and so he did not believe in talent all unless like you know in basketball if you're only four feet tall you're probably not going to be an nba player. There's some like natural limitations. That may not be a talent as much as just a a a characteristic kids something different than i imagine a talent would be right for example and so i think in that area of call it research or whatever they're like what is talent in poker for instance you know. Some people are incredibly good at poker and some aren't is their talent in poker or is there skill You know what you know and and you know is there. Talent in math. Is their skill in math because some part of poker is not being able to calculate statistics. Really quickly. I mean if you spend ten thousand hours really focusing on statistics and other skills required for poker you'd probably be the best of the world poker and i don't even know talent means in poker. Does that mean you have an ability to sense with the people have like it turns out. That's not really such an important skill in poker and yet this is. This is a skill set. They could make people a lot of money if they're good at it yet on this either right now. It's just an interesting concept and as you talk about my knee jerk. Reaction is well yes. There's talent some people are more talented than others. You can train somebody to beat that talent but imagine what you could do if you take somebody who's naturally inclined or gifted and then teach them the right skill sets would that magnify them more than they could've gone on talent or skill development alone. Yeah yeah i mean. I think that's probably that's the accurate way to think about it. Like if let's say All take the area of jesse. And let's say you're eleven years old and you're incredibly strong chest there's gotta be some talent evaluators some party or brain. That is clear enough to see lots of things that other people don't see on the board. I mean it's a very complicated game. It takes decades to be great at it. And but i know i know one guy who when i when i was younger i was in my twenty s My roommate was a my roommate's brother was probably the most time chess player in world. History like he was unbelievable. He was eleven years old and he was just crushing every grandmaster at speech. When you play fast. And when he would explain games to me it sounded like i was talking to like an adult instead of an eleven year old and but then he didn't maybe didn't get the right training or maybe he couldn't handle losing When he played an actual tournaments but by the time he was like a teenager he basically stop playing and he.

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