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This was where did i see this I always like to give the sources at msn dot com. Enough people cross the border illegally in twenty twenty one to create the tenth largest city in america. Think about that and none of them have been tested for cova. Think about that too. You know now governor. Abbott has to fire back. Federal judge blocked his executive order on illegal immigrants in these vehicles. Although joe's now planning on maybe giving the jj shot to border-crossers and may orcas who needs to also be fired without chief nen by then of course comma harris hopefully in two thousand twenty four you know. But they're offering dangling out amnesty now for people from venezuela we have another influx that we we need to start preparing for. I mean this this is this is just. This is so bad. I can't even find the words to describe it now on. The issue of cuomo gave all the top democrats in new york. You everyone from From schumer to Jila bran to akeem jeffries to gregory. Meeks tom swazi got to resign. Nancy pelosi joe biden. They're calling on cuomo to resign in light of this this explosive report from the new york state attorney general pattern of sexual harassment least eleven current former state female employees Later on we'll get into the issue because the attorney general said it was criminal on a state level and on a federal level What does that mean. One of the lawyers who led the probe described. The governor's office in his behaviors. Toxic hostile abusive full of fear intimidation bully. That is a bully in. Vindictive is definitely gonna be lawsuits for money damages. If you're looking at the actual law greg. Jarrett will explain it later. He wrote a great column under. New york's penal code section. One thirty point five two. It is a crime to forcibly touched the sexual or other intimate parts of another person against their will. The statute is very specific identifying groping fondling as criminal. It's forcible if it's unwanted and that is exactly what these victims are alleging If you're interested in and again this doesn't even get into the nursing home scandal the albany district account Da rather gentleman by the name of Da andy source He said that he cuomo is in fact under a criminal. Investigation said based on this report is any of the behavior described us. Ask the question And attributed to the governor considered criminally said well the allegations early on certainly the lead myself and other prosecutors with concurring jurisdiction to believe that criminal activity in fact had taken place that will will conduct our own independent investigation. He's asking for any of the women involved to come forward. Apparently as of right now they have not Cuomo's nemesis comrade. The blasios says he should be prosecuted But you know these are people that hate each other but it's not insignificant Manhattan and westchester prosecutors are launching their criminal probes as well as the albany prosecutor so this is now moving all across the state you know if you look at some of the evidence that is emerging in this case the albany. Da confirmed that a. It's a criminal investigation and they're conducting their own other. Prosecutors are conducting these investigations simultaneously And these cases are made with cooperation from victims. The da said and for any victims out there who are watching this transmission..

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