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Chu redo a site of a business that was performing really well and was our foam business and we have great business and we've grown a very big and we'd khanna hit this point where conversions a good the site work well everything were great but i couldn't get more traffic in the wheat deal directly with google on facebook really closely and we just khanna when you put in today with all the programmatic media buying when you put it in your levels of where you want your conversion thresholds to be sometimes it could be a capper traffic and i've fought and fought in push to redo something that wasn't broken and we optimized it and changed it in upgraded it and literally just by getting a fifteen percent boost on the outside conversions of the site what happened was it gave facebook's angles algorithm more room to buy more traffic with the in our cpa meet our rose and really still be able to grow the business and what happened was it wasn't a fifteen percent growth in sales it was like a 50 percent growth in sales and we did it again just recently and it was a hundred percent growth in sales and it works so well that the ending of last year facebook was so blown away with how fast we want from seven hundred fifty thousand customers to over a million customers that they actually called me to come in with my team and go to their facebook headquarters and menlo park and they had our company name in a giant billboard in the entire i'm not joking it a huge billboard inviting our company to their campus for every one of their employees to see and they literally mobilized all these teams within facebook to work with us to help us to grow our business and that was a really cool honor and that all came from my belief that we need to optimize redo and just not sit with its good enough fire nation i hope the year absorbing in noticed.

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