New York, President Trump, Congressman John Basso discussed on Chuck and Kelly


Fox's Tanya j powers one package was found in the mail room at the Tribeca film production company near where Robert deniro owns a restaurant. The NYPD bomb squad took the package which looked similar to the others with an explosive device inside to it's shooting range in the Bronx. It comes after bombs were intercepted in route to several Democrats, including former President Barack Obama and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton. Another was found in the mail room at CNN's New York bureau, prompting the evacuation of the Time Warner center yesterday. Investigators have also tracked down a suspicious package addressed to former vice president Joe Biden as well. In New York City Tanya, j powers Fox News as news breaks this morning of another suspicious package discovered in New York and one in Delaware. President Trump is blaming the media for what he calls the anger in society. Trump tweeted, a very big part of the anger. We see today in our society is caused by the purposely false and inaccurate reporting of the mainstream media that I refer to as fake news. Congressman John Basso is also weighing in on the wave of suspected bombs mailed to a number of top Democrats on Wednesday, misguided person or persons using terrorist tactics against political figure, it's an outrage, and it's an affront to all of us into war system. Basso says it's time to tone down the rhetoric on both sides of the political aisle. Former? Senate majority leader dean Scalise is headed to prison and the judge tacked on an extra three months for lying on the witness stand Scalise was convicted in July retrial of using his position to get his son. Adam a series of no show jobs worth about three hundred thousand dollars W G Y cattle corresponded Kevin love it from the daily news says it hasn't been a great year for state government following the conviction of one of governor Cuomo's top aides, you have the assembly speaker, the former assembly speaker in the former Senate majority leader both convicted a second time and sentenced to prison. It's certainly not a good time for New York state government, especially, you know, at a time when the government promised to clean up when he ran the first time clean up. Albany scallops was also find a half a million dollars. His son was sentenced to four years for his role in the extortion conspiracy. Parents in Saratoga springs are asking the school board to revisit decision to disarm school grounds monitors and overturn what they call a correctable mistake. Keira Rosetti who organized a petition drive that netted more than a thousand signatures written a letter to the board says they're not going to be silent. And go away comes after a contentious board meeting on Tuesday that saw dozens of concerned parents speak out in favor of the monitors patrolled school grounds for decades superintendent Michael Patton told those on hand decision was not about politics. How does not imply.

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