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This what do you think about L. Kapito. It's getting beat. You're my hero Jesse. Yes to the man up you think. Skinny probably has the happiest day of success or at least since Camino Robert Forester is the ultimate winner in the breaking bad universe. Yeah I think that's good content with his life. He feels like he's got some purpose. He's got very very clear lane. Made these guys he's made. He's made a lot of money. He does his business in a very cautious way. He doesn't take risks. That are GONNA get him into trouble. And I don't think that we're GONNA modify that story any further unfortunately given Robert Forces passing. So yeah he probably will Max out as the most winningest character of the two shows but I think like even like Schuyler like she gets to live but she's now having to work overtime like she's working harder than their situation is more destitute than when what was working the car wash and now she has like the stigma of being heisenberg widow. Maybe Marie seems like she is like finding some strength and resolve and breaking bad at the end of it but she's still like estranged with her sister and she's been widowed as well like those are the happy endings so I don't think unless this is a very different show when you think about who the main characters are on better call Saul one of them blows up one of them gets shot in the guts and gets liquefied in a barrel and one of them get sent to Omaha Cinnabar's for the rest of his day and those are the ones we know about sure to think that Kim is going to get any fate that is at least Sunnier than skywards bait. I think at this point is setting yourself up for disappointment. Rob Sunnier. Scholars is that is that is that something I I mean the Kim Wexler Journey. I think is definitely like an interesting what it feels like that. This show started off as Jimmy. Mcgill story but I really feel like that. The eclipse of the Jimmy Storyline with the Kim story line. I think was complete here in season five because I think that this character is probably more akin to Walter White in terms of where she started what her intentions are. And where it might go than Jimmy. Where you know that that the nobleness of purpose. That Kim has where she wants to work with all these people. And you know protect these people who you know. Be a defender for those who have no defense. And she wants to be the she wants to do this. And now she's all saying that the end justifies the means. Which is Walter White? You know this is my family. I have cancer. I have to do all this. I'm going to break the law and I'm doing these things and you know who cares if you know. These people get addicted to drugs or or whatever and again the the ends justify the means and I think that where what we saw breaking bad. You can't do that just a little bit. It's sort of that. Gets you have an ego when it gets harder and harder to walk away and I do feel like that. That's more Kim's trajectory than it ever was for Jimmy. What was Jimmy's nobleness? Of purpose of he just wanted to be with. Kim Right Right. That's really really good. The comparison I think like when you think about like Walter White wants to cook the cleanest purist method town. Kim wants to conduct like the cleanest purist line town. She wants to champion for the people and their mechanisms of doing this stuff. He's doing it for his family. She's doing it for people who deserve her talent who deserve her quality but think about the lives that are being ruined in the in the pursuit of that certainly for Heisenberg eight is a deep deep pit of bodies that he left behind for Kim. There have been some footprints along the way the type of shit she's talking about doing to Howard. Hamlin is is really really dark and that is like her crazy is in the basement crazy in the basement. Rather crazy is a different show. I don't think she's in the basement. Thinks she's elsewhere. The new blue to do math so I think that that's a really good comparison and again speaks to why. I'm so impressed with this season. And the way that it turned a corner in this way of like you just didn't think that you were watching breaking bad for Ken You start you. Were watching the breaking bad origin story for Jimmy and yeah that's still true but like the surprised it's all it's all been a lot of surprise along the way 'cause you keep thinking like I don't want Jimmy to turn into Saul Goodman. I like him. I want better for him. All of this stuff but like you know that. That's his destination and you just. You never really quite think that with Kim but I think now that we know that that's the intention that the show wants to get a little bit darker with this character that the road map is there and as you really astutely put it rob. I like the track of how Heisenberg and she is is very very plain to see now and her moral flexibility. That's the thing is she was seemingly rigid at some point and she didn't even want Jimmy's Halpin digging her way out. You don't save me. I save me. She was really doing it with hard work and it seemed to me like if you look back over the course of better call. Saul there's the switch that flips that causes her to go out on her own. I later going in in house Schweiker Coakley but the the switch that flips is when she secures Mesa Verde and she thinks she has done enough to get the praise that she so richly deserves and Howard Hamlin keeps her out in the fields and does not allow her to come back into the fold. That is a breaking point. Four Kim on on on some level and that breaking point has led her down this path. Now she isn't making these bad choices on bad choice road. She doesn't get into the game right away but she starts dipping her feet into the water I think and she starts feeling on some level like well is the hard work really worth it. Because where does it get you? Maybe you need to get an edge. Maybe you need to work smarter and harder. And maybe you need to do things a little bit differently. And maybe Jimmy McGill is the guy that's showing me this that you can work an edge or you can do these things to get ahead and as long as you keep this moral code. You're fine well now. The moral code starting to go out the window and she's justifying it by saying like I said it's some like steroid version of the trolley problem where instead of letting the trolley diverting it so that only one person is killed instead of however many people are on the tracks. She's pressing the gas down on the trolley to run over that one person and that's not a good deal right like that isn't just moral relativism or her trying to be flexible with that. That is really going all in saying. I'm going to make this choice and I'm going after it and we had an email from Chris from New York who observed that. It isn't just Kim that that this show does that in rob. You're I think you're right to point out the Walter White if at all But Chris also pointed out that Mike is digging himself deeper and following his own choices. I think Mike calls applying the handout. Goss can't see past his own selfish goals and revenge to avoid his eventual ending in breaking bad. So it isn't just that it's with camera Walter. White these comparisons are there. I think just overall this story better call Saul. Breaking bed is about these choices we make and Mike spare choice road speech really encapsulates a lot of that so I think that's a really good observation. Speaking of observations a lot of people were observing. That maybe it wasn't maybe Kim is not going to be vacuum cleaner way. And maybe that's not. The ending is coming for her MATT FROM. Newfoundland wanted to know if it was possible. What we thought about that still at this point. If we thought that was possible pat a from Maryland. Patty observed that maybe just maybe be if if it is gene calling Kim at the beginning of this season. If that's how gene is going to handle this then how could it be that? Kim was vacuum cleaners away. Gene wouldn't know where Kim was so rob. What is your thought? What are your thoughts in this? Do you think that we're going to see him? Being Robert Forster see. I don't go to the red. It's of better. Call Saul or anything like that but has been talked about where to go back to the flash forward that we saw from last season Antonio where that Saul is with his receptionist. Francesca Francesca Right. And in that scene we see him like getting ready to call Robert Forster but he also gives her the number of his lawyer to call. And we had speculated at the time like is this Howard is it Howard. And I'm bill no way this is Howard at this point. Howard's not gonNA help out Jimmy in a tough spot but could could the information that he's giving to. Francesca actually a be Kim Wexler. That's a good question. I think his exact quote was like Something like where. Are you going to be a November twelfth at some time and he basically says I'm going to be there but if nothing she says I'm going to be there but like if I don't get a phone call from you all be gone so I don't know exactly yeah? He gives her some kind of instructions. They had some sort of plan worked out. There was an. I think you remember that we that we talked about whether it was going to involve Howard. It could be. It could be Kim but she knows. Kim. So it's a little weird because she worked as Kim's assistant as well obviously. I don't know I don't know if Kim could be in that role but I think we have plenty of reason to believe that Kim hasn't been disappeared. Josh where we we don't really get into the back and forth about this in the finale. Where do you stand on this now? If you expect that Kim will be vacuum cleaner it away. At some point now you expect the genus reaching out to her or will reach out to her in the future if she somehow involved in this Francesco. What are your thoughts on the? I think I'm I'm on board. Still an was and remain with Howard. Hamlin being the person that Jimmy is referring or maybe Schweickart is also a possibility but like someone from from that level. I think we've gotten enough material on the board that Howard Hamlin is actually a relatively decent guy if flawed in significant ways but as often like trying to look out for people's souls to some extent and I think rich reichert you could say similar stuff for. He seems like he's always been trying to do things above board. Now Jimmy has some measure of a of a relationship with him. I think that would be less satisfying than sending Francesca to Howard Hamlin. Obviously right now Jimmy has very little love for Howard Hamlin but if Kim really tears him apart and if if Jimmy has like if Jimmy looks on Kim's works and despairs the way that maybe Kim Auto of looked at how Jim Jimmy was taking on Chuck back in the day that some measure of empathy whether or not critical. Whether or not like well think about who you were a couple of years ago. I was like well that was then. This is now that he may have a different point of view on Howard..

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