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Has not been fair to these workers they haven't had a reason for years there's much is ten dollars an hour behind prevailing wage and university hasn't in bargaining in good faith so we're just looking for some fairness and that's why we've got a five day straight beginning today here you see away you know bothers me here in the state of california one of the biggest greats jason is that the university california system has hugely increase to wishing for both in state and out of state students so in other words university california system can more than a for it the request demands that are being asked because they're making more money now than ever before there also takes again more out of state students which is even a higher to a shame payment and those who pay in state so it was it increase across the board in state in our state and now they're taking more out of state on students which a lot of people in california get angry about some other words the funding is there i mean the more money you haven't that day call profit the more ability that you have financially this is not university system like you said it's the wealthy est that's hit hard times why to push back well i i think you have to nail on the head leslie this you know the university of california used is the public institution it's supposed to serve the public better commissioner supposed educator houston the and situation for research and learning it also for many years worse than engine of economic growth good jobs in our communities but you know unfortunately the university of more recently has been failing in its mission to serve republican so is you said to russians more than doubled in recent years which makes it harder and harder for working class kids to it coming getting educated in and they're looking to increase to wishing yet again just this year and moon time is she's as he said not only situation up to revenues to the medical centers are way up executive pay a certainly skyrocket him but the university is not being fair to either the students.

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