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News. With Elisa Jaffe, I'm Tom Glasgow. Jeremy grater at the editor's desk, as we take a look at some of the day's top stories if you're in the car heading to Seattle for tonight's opening night performance of the hit show. Dear Evan Hansen at the paramount theatre. It might wanna turn around the show has been postponed until February first at one o'clock a semi carrying essential props for the show got stuck on the past prompting tonight's cancellation. US State Department says it does not consider an order by nNcholas Maduro for US diplomats to leave Venezuela in the next few days as legal Madero issued a statement soon after President Trump recognized one Widodo as the country's president state of the union speech has been cancelled by Nancy Pelosi because she doesn't want to hear the truth. She doesn't want the American public to hear what's going on. She's afraid of the truth political crossfire over the state of the union between President Trump and Nancy Pelosi went into overdrive today. ABC's alley Rogan joins us on the KOMO Newsline. Where things stand President Trump just responded to Nancy Pelosi's latest letter back to him saying that she will not sign onto a resolution that is the final hurdle that he would be to actually deliver the state of the union address. He said he's not surprised that she's is effectively preventing him from giving this. He called her decision. A great blotch on America and a negative part of history. He asked why she had invited him to deliver the state of the union wilder government was shut down. If she was then going to postpone it. Of course, Nancy Pelosi has cited security concerns earlier today, the president sent a letter to Pelosi saying that he was going to deliver the address to the house chamber anyway that he knows of her concerns, but he said that the departure. Of homeland security had assured him that security would not be an issue. The only thing is he doesn't have that Faso the people that do or the people who run the house of Representative and Nancy Pelosi, then saying it is a matter of security and logistics, and that he will go ahead and deliver it from the Oval Office, exactly..

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