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So just put me show hopefully. Leading way down. Let's start with you. Look Janssen. Pepsi is GonNa Be Crowned chump champions in Twenty nineteen twenty twenty season. Is a chance they don't. Quite Attic don't continue twenty seven wins one draw one loss eighty two points already this this. Is a jump age just lawn in Bake. Rule over the line maitland. That's I'll and get crowns. There has to be a chance about rob I. Don't think that's going to happen. Man, the reports and stuff I've read. Suggest the KHALIP. Is that that buzzard? In China an looking I? Mean I guess he would say but look in very lively and training again for some of those plays. This is a really nice breaking some. Body flushed out of all the deep roots, aches and pains the there for forever more particularly, these international players play tournaments nearly every summa. I think my friend that agony combat flying a gonNa come back flying there on the peak that careers there onto bright records if You can club I. Think I'm saying to them listen. We've got disappointments in the champions. League Etcetera Etcetera. Less GonNA break some records. Less bless beats hawks about as the best primarily team ever or certainly the best premier league season ever up going beat not months as hundred points, or what in the goals or whatever it was, go and do that. Make It of course can be memorable season because of the covert and the destruction etcetera etcetera on the black lives matter moot about all coming at the. The same time, but make season. It's not just about that. Make it about this season that we saw the best ever performance from primitive signing Sims, what they did on the field of play with thirty games and a nothing. If they do that, rob, nothing for me, will take away from other people saw San Jose going to be just the season over certain things not for me, not if Certainly if they plan that stadium for the show, and there's no neutral venues I really don't like. The thought of Games go into neutral venues, but I WANNA see. That's why expect to see from Liverpool, maybe a little. The first the first game will to. It's like when we go back through into new season Robert. You get some weird results. We are totally going to get in the first weekend. Other than that I think they're going to be. What do you think? assigning disagree UNINDO. We disagree on the points about the streets. The ostrich will be darrow bit when I'm. We go back in history took about Creme League wins. You'll be something different about Liverpool's but. ABC is taken away from. Now different doesn't doesn't mean Nike and you can call. I think it will be different can also mean special. There's been no triangulate that's been one with a hundred day break in the final period, so stiffen. No one's ever do not in the. That doesn't take away from your team. I didn't take away from what they don't. Your Mountain Games at one trying to pull plight and I think all the motivation. When we've seen interviews with our own Abaco and all WAC. He is. The light he is saying Bishopi special child. When we get the jumps to celebrate, celebrate in a special way without Simon's doing it proper. He wants to win as many games as many goals and get as many points is anyone's Reasons lie on stage. We will see any job. We will see late anyway. Jordan has in the captain constantly highly of for what this guy's don't into. Foot will capture a human being in leader of Man. He's not allowed under siege all. Video van die in that draft soon is not going allows standards. And? The thank person is James Milner remember thinking not been almost last game that they played in the league. I think Mills Flying A. Left. Full Andy Robertson. Because Russell being nasty for the jump, he's leaving formless at home numeral one. Mellon Liberty Fool, that game sat down in a Walmart with his team Maga- and pull them out. Grow one time trolling how important it was to winnable by. This is bonus home. James Milner is not going to allow his Liverpool team to anyway. Allowing our civic allow people's negative liberty to change what they're gonNA do on Saint. They'll be full steam ahead. I won't be surprised. Go whenever we get. A little odd would not be surprised if they don't leave everyone in the non yet. Yeah, so we're very similar on that on what we feel. Liverpool do quick quick before we move onto my own city. Verna Rob. Talk about him going to Liverpool, yeah, how surprised where you the the club basically said. We're just not sure his financial situation way, not sure if this is going to finish, we're not sure what scrutton next season we're not sure when fans are gonNA, come back when revenues going to get back to I would expect them to be. I thought it was sensible. Kind of management by the football. To be a bit cautious this time. It looks like it's going to go to Chelsea. Situation for move on. I agree I think central housekeeping. Kicks in time land full, being tested while beating the biggest London, the fine onto Bain salaries to get everything i. don't think it sounds quite messy when you sucking no philo in stocks. And then you spend fifty million on his striking, who not necessarily meant you I? Was Not guaranteed teed of his I think that was Chelsea you'll you feel you need full widow somebody in opposition? He plugs in plays and he makes him factor. Not Atlanta employee is enough. You not might have been the one of the reasons. They said. You know what we would know the difference. RIGHT GROSS YEAH! I. It's going to be fast and I do hope he comes to the Premier League. You'd be really good. Sign Chelsea. Okay, Manchester, city. Raw, Bill. The champions, league is really what it's. All going to be about still in the FA Cup otherwise still playing new customer Nicole Finals. The second nagging around and sixteen, they beat remedied of course a wife. Play Remedy home is that? Before the Break Rob, To get really disappointed with some of that performances in the league like. It kind of given up. Is that going to be much. The same insurance appointment in the league then really fired up to to win the championship this past in I, think. Five on on on all counts I think was. been himself out, think they? McCallum to play. On Wednesday in the game, almost a non safety I think it was a loss. A big loss will end mill. Leila officially is the guy who's in somebody. Experience Very. Louis. Signing the Pattni Robbie, not getting better himself out. We know the cool should covid. He lost these Leon. It's Kobe. But I just feel he's going to combat fasts.

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