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Can't Michael and son Now traffic and weather on the 8s Rita Kessler in the traffic center Right now if you're in Meryl and watch what the delay on the southbound Baltimore Washington Parkway beginning in greenbelt before greenbelt road trying to hit inside the beltway toward four ten this should be the mobile tree crew taking the left lane They're going to head all the way to New York avenue before turning around in the other direction Northbound New Hampshire avenue at Maryland 200 or the ICC the earlier wreck was in the center of the roadway And northbound two 70 after one 18 the mobile work crew along the left side East Randolph wrote at tamarack road had been the scene of a crash eastbound 100 last senior Coca-Cola drive was some mobile pothole repair on the right side And on the bay bridge wind warnings and effects doesn't carry any vehicle restrictions If you're in the district northbound D.C. two 95 watch for the delay from benning roadhouse burrows and the work zone that takes the lane southbound flows from benning tortoise capital street Northbound eye two 95 heavy on to the ramp to the inbound 11th street bridge the right lane on the ramp is blocked with a broken down dump truck You'll also find in Virginia westbound 66 after 29 in centerville to crash in the two right lanes and new problem in Bailey's crossroads Columbia pike east of route 7 near moray lane the left lane is blocked with the wreck If you like numbers you'll love the Maryland lottery's new pick 5 game There are two pick 5 drawings per day and you could win up to $50,000 play new pick 5 today and please play responsibly I'm Rita Kessler WTO P traffic And now to storm team four meteorologist Michelle Grossman Mostly cloudy breezy and mild today We could see a few showers but most of The Rain holds off until this evening highest midday 60s.

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