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Myth will how how did they get to Elliott Elliott was just something he came up with and apparently he was mercilessly mocked for it at school. We'll nickname I, it's just a different name. He walked into he, yes, he kept his sadness was both real and also I'm going to go on limit here. Phone attack me for this. Oh, it was a little. He also wore at like armor as well, and because he didn't wanna go with Steve Smith because he said that sound like being a jock. So Elliott Smith made him sound more sensitive? I don't. I, we're when you walk into school and you're just like, I'm Elliott. Now everyone's like your name is Steve and Elliott's not a derivative of stave. It's, I don't know if you can just do you can do whatever you do I, but I also think your friends also have a right to be like, so now you're Elliott, but there's a lot of talk going out whether or not his. His death was a suicide or murder. There's a lot of people try to put it onto his flannel girlfriend, Jennifer Chiba that was he was helping her band at the time and there's some their parents. They had horrible fight that day that he was that the his death occurred. And there's some people saying that number one, twenty g's the fucking Mexican cartels which seems kind of far off. And there's another view that Jennifer Chiba herself murdered him, which I also think is very intense to say. So let me let me just set the scene over twenty first around one pm echo park in Los Angeles. What year we talking here two thousand three. Okay, Elliott Smith and Jennifer Chiba in their apartment in echo park, they start having argument. The argument apparently is Jennifer Chiba recently had a DUI and was trying to get a ride to her therapist appointment and that apparently everything off in motion. They start yelling and screaming at each other. Jennifer Chiba runs to the bathroom and locks the door. Elliott Smith is pounding on the door to let her in. He's crying about five to ten minutes late. Later she hears a scream and thud. She opens the door. She finds Elliott lane on the floor with two plunging wounds chest. And that's what happened in. One of in one of the wounds was the knife still in its chest. So she rips the knife out of his chest. Oh, maybe not the right idea and calls nine one and she performed CPR the cop show up. They take him away twenty minutes later. He dies of extinguishing, which is no more blood. Yeah, he bled all say no more blood. That's weird to me. I don't know. She might have gotten off a little easy here. I'm not saying that she didn't anything. I don't know, but I feel cops, usually I, I don't know. I just feel like they may have charge there. Well, actually, if you look at the autopsy, the mode of death is undetermined because of a couple of different factors. They didn't even call it a suicide, officially realize it was so open end. Has she spoken about also she's she's done with the things done thing is say anything for a while. All right. And then she recently kind of came out and started talking a little bit about it because we'll get into some of the autopsy discrepancies to knife wounds to himself. Apparently, I one was two inches. Second one was seven inches. It's not easy to do. No, no hesitation marks. See on drugs or sober. He was completely sober. How do you? I don't know how anyone to do. That's the thing. Like two inches then. Seven. That is really fucking being deliberate about your suicide. Yeah. In the most unorthodox way with, they also say that the hesitation points because that's what they said is common in suicide by stab wound. There's a has marks or the first couple kind of like searching stabs are done. But what if they were on the same Mark and on his arms also they think he had or the somewhat suppose that he had defensive wounds on his arms. Although I feel he had he had a kid a on his left arm cut on his right arm and then to cuts on his hands. Well, those are defensive, wasn't offensive. It was. He was also a cutter, so he was probably slicing and dicing himself..

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