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Following Hurricane Doreen and they were just distraught that Disney had changed the port plans and instead of actually going book a cruise you have to go into understanding that yes this like say for instance these three Puerto ports of call may be planned but that can change it castaway cay but we just yes I was I was furious when I read that I was like come on people how insensitive can you be to to the Bahamas who just day miss so they canceled a port or added something in or whatever so they have to change the itinerary to fit it and then I think we and we did the I can oh things change all the time but but you know that's that's the nature of of a cruise it doesn't happen it's happened to me once or twice on a ship but of all of the does an amazing job on on that the only I was on a cruise once I caught the tail end I mean even when they tried to avoid those things you know the seas around those storms are acting up and I on the way to Canada on from New York an eye on to Up to New England I think when I had I had a rough night where the the ship was rocking had and things were causing turning more than normal but I think we caught some other sees at the end of a hurricane even though the hurricane is out to see we can't make the water a little rougher depending on where you're at anything else on weather hurricanes roll with it plan for it if you're traveling anytime between middle of July I to December you have to keep an eye on the Atlantic two weeks ahead of your your planned trip remember the majority of optical systems start somewhere off the vicinity of the coast of Africa so it can take them a week or more to make progress through the antic just be prepared for for interruption or be prepared to take advantage of the timeline of the store and then just for did General Disney bad weather I know we have shows on this but a couple of quick things they have ponchos at the parks and they have unbrellas bought an umbrella on my last for a cane trip because I thought the Dan was coming and that was seventeen.

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