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This is real news and information. 5 70 K l I f Early cloudy outside 63 degrees with 5 70 Kale, I f news and information. I'm Chad Dixon. Let's get a look at your money here. Spencer McGowan. With net Worth radio. The Dow finishing the day near 31,000 Russell 2000 Small stock index was actually down a half a percent. Both blue chip index is the S and P and the Dow. Up about 1.5% so far this year, the NASDAQ by about half of that amount, indicating it may be technology lagging this year. Energy infrastructure pipelines extended their gains today to 16% since the start of the year. Exxon Mobil Up about 18% Dallas based game stop up $13 in a single day. That's a 75% gain since the start of the year. We'll call that a short squeeze. Texas Capitol Bank up an impressive 14% just in the 1st 13 trading days. I'm Spencer McCowen President McGowan Group. Net worth radio dot com. News and information. Diamonds 404 Let's get a look A right now. Traffic years Well, Jackson in Dallas on 6 35 eastbound approaching Dallas Store tollway erect blocks the right lane. It's slow from Josie on 75, Central south, but it Lemon Avenue. What accident Blocks the left lane in the Balk Springs area. The I 20 westbound ramp. 1 75 is closed for construction that's backed up onto South bound 6 35 near DFW Airport on 1 83 West Founded International Parkway. An accident is reported. Added. Fort Worth North We bake 20 eastbound approaching blue Mom Road, There's a collision. It slow from old Decatur Road with Kayla have traffic. I'm.

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