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For sixteen years. I was a part of an improv. Group called facebook at uc be- we started back in the day in new york city With a show called a respectable That show had so many great people in it like Rob riggle rob hubel. Jack mcbrayer jackie clark daniel schneider down a firmin And over the years That show has kept its central core. i'm talking about chad. Carter and seth morris and myself own burke We've added to it. We have people like phil augusta jackson and we have people like charlie sanders all coming in to be a part of the script and been performing for sixteen years. Ecb has yet to open again in l. a. and i don't know if it will and i don't know if i'm breaking any news by saying that because i'm just i don't have any new break but we have moved our show on this show that we've been doing for a very long time to largo. Our good friend. Finey at largo has allowed us to move our show to there and we are doing it. September twenty third come see the brand new titled news group but newly titled group dinosaur Dinosaur every month we have amazing special guests and a lot of that core. That just mentioned Last month we had karl tartan. Mary holland And this month we will see who will say. It's always a fun show so come on down to largo. Check it out. Keep your eyes peeled for another crashes with me and rob pupil if you're in la in september towards the end if theaters are still going come see us at largo. You have to have a vacs card. You have to wear a mask. It's totally safe as much as it can be. And it is a lot of fun Alright people gets my pixel week..

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