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We wanted to get the media company putting content out so we could really show people what we're bringing in kind of numbers were were getting, which are actually pretty impressive for for just starting out. So it's exciting stuff. What what is the what is the overarching goal for the company in terms of growth? You say you've got, you've got all the pieces in place. You got all the team members are assembled were what's the goal of of the company over the next? Say twelve eighteen months. Well, at twelve eighteen months, I want to. We have a few video shows and I wanna start doing that. I wanted to slowly start bringing in video content more than podcast. Podcasts is pretty easy. You know you had it's a two dimensional thing. When you start doing video, you had the third dimension which makes it that much harder to pull it off every week. Especially the goal is to have a lot more video content possibly relenting my myself actually doing a video show also in twelve to eighteen months. I think long-term though would be once we start generating revenue would be to start investing in libertarian projects and things that revolve around culture and then start hitting things like producing the neck. The next Eric July, I would love to do that doing a movie or a documentary on Murray Rothbart like the fun things like that. And once you know, once we start making some money, I would like to give it back so we can start helping other libertarian. Voices out there to to start spreading the message and make it cool again, man. I mean, I just think that we have this big disconnect in in our libertarian circles that you know, it's it's very ivory tower yen. A lot of people are just not interested in that, whereas if you may be, you know, hi, hi, hi, hide the message between some sort of cool factor. You know, like whether it be a comic book or music, or really interesting movie. I think that's the direction where we get libertarian spread. Like to add something to? I think that I, I have a similar vision, but I also believe that there will be a point in the near future where we'll be seeing contributors that are talking about home-schooling home steadying. Algorithmic black and gray markets. I think we're going to have people crypto show. I think we're going to have all avenues to independence and it won't just be. Another libertarian podcast, which I, I think that we can't really get enough of them as you know, we, we love listening to them and and but I think it's going to be all types of libertarian schools of thought. I think that there's going to be places where we're going to be picking up people who didn't know they were libertarians that's the goal is to it is to change the world in a positive manner. And I, I'm sorry, I get all excited about liberty, but that's the whole point is to for people to be sharing it with their friends in changing the minds and hearts Noah. I love that. And you guys you, we should the three of us talk off line when nobody else can hear. And because I've got, I've got some similar lie similar ideas. My goal is to is to really start. I wanna I wanna back door my way into people's lives and start preaching a message of liberty and libertarianism without coming right out and saying it..

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