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The trial of Patrick crazy who's accused of killing his fiancee Kelsey barrack last year continues today last thanksgiving when Kelsey Berra's went missing a neighbor's home surveillance motion camera caught Patrick crazy coming and going from Kelsey's front door eleven times the last known image of Barrett is on that camera at the front door with phrasing and their daughter at one twenty four PM we never see her come out but Fraser alone is captured seven more times the last around four thirty the defense argues these captured images show no blood on phrases clothing and don't show him carrying out anything but the child Carol the killing four K. a news the trial continues today a reminder to get those ballots in today we are open in all eleven of our vote center city wide and then we also have thirty three drop boxes available for voters to be able to drop off their ballot that's Denver elections chief Alton billiard he says that ballots for today's off year election need to be turned in by seven PM tonight Dillard says turn out should get a boost from the two statewide ballot measures the day after beating the Cleveland Browns and reviewing the game tape Broncos head coach Vic Fangio likes what he sees in Brandon Allen I knew we would not be overwhelmed by the situation I didn't know how it would play but I knew it wouldn't be because she was nervous or anxious what body would go out there and play the visibility is the Broncos wrap a practice today and then head off to their bye week before taking on the Minnesota Vikings our next update is coming up at three thirty I'm Jekyll shelling came away eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM the voice of Colorado.

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