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Coming from our rocket mortgage studio when he needs certainty in the home buying process with a loan that fits your life Rocket can hope all this well. I hope you had some luck with the props. If you listen to this show, you did well in terms of the actual game because we both told you that the Bucks would win and that the Bucks would Would win somewhat going away. But take you know, there's a million things to unpack here. I guess I mean, you could start with the officiating. Which to me is not nearly as big a story as it is, for some But you got weak story The coaching with Bruce Arians and obviously Byron Leftwich. Phenomenal, But you mean Tom Brady this This guy's not human, dude. Yeah, he's not, but it's almost It's hard to snow. Where to start actually be D Because he is so good, but it's not even about how good of a player he is. It's more like this calming. Steadying demeanor that he brings wherever he goes, and you see this on the field. I'm sure this was the case. The locker room. You see it just how he carries himself after the games. I mean, obviously, he's polished and his taste 43 years old, So he has the story down. He's got clarity. On how to handle these things. But I think that zoo really the truth and who he is. He doesn't panic and we've seen this throughout his career. Beatty no matter what the circumstances they were. They were showing a replay. I guess it was yesterday members two days ago over the weekend of his comeback, not come back, but game winning drive against the Rams. When you know he basically is dinking and Duncan don't hit the running back twice, and it's a tight and then it's a full bag of a sudden they kicked the game winning field goal. He's 26 years old at that time, and it was just a calmness about him, and now you fast forward to now, and you still see that but which is the greater accurate. He's amazing that he's able to do this in such a great age. But there's so much credit to go around for this bucks team. No question. Obviously, the players and obviously the coaches Jason Light, the general manager. He deserves a ton of credit fried put this team together and they outplayed and outcoached one of the best teams in football, and it wasn't a game really much at all Know there's a lot of branches to this tree. You're right, and we're going to hit all those various branches in terms of, you know, getting doling out the proper the proper praise. The defense was phenomenal. Todd Bowles was was indeed pretty much the key to the game, but but you gotta start with Brady and that's that's why we're going there for it. Listen, this this status Amazing..

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