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Listen to podcasts. All chapters of after the revolution are out now in audiobook form and on eighty our book dot com as an e up. So you know when you are You know your remodeling a house. You're rebuilding a house right and you have a budget. We've all got a budget. I've been going through this for the last several months. You have budget you gotta make sure with. The budget is spend the money in the right places. You know that if you ever had to sell your home you don't waste money on a on a kid's bathroom you now. You spend your money on kitchens make sure you spend it on floors. Sometimes the master bath you know. Spend it on the stuff we can get your money back right or the stuff like your roof that you can't get the house sold because it's bad like there's there's certain things got spend your money on with how well the same with an nfl team. You just can't pay everybody. Sometimes i listen to young media. They wanna pay everybody. It's a salary gap. You got to pay your quarterback you gotta pay a great left tackle. Ask patrick mahomes to protect the quarterback. And then there's usually a defensive captain or a great defensive player pay up. There are certain positions that are more valuable than other positions. I wouldn't pay. Punters allot safeties. He better be great so right now. Seattle a little issue. They gotta left tackle his dwayne brown. He's really good. he's really valuable in seattle. To me has three gotta keeps. You gotta keep russell happy. You got have left tackle to protect russell and you gotta pay bobby wagner. Whose about as good. A linebacker is the. Nfl has had since. Maybe a luke. Keithly ray lewis. I mean he's great. I love jamal adams but he is a safety. And i like k j right. He wants to get the bag. I'm not paying it. Here's russell wilson. Dwayne brown is at practice but he wants a new contract and he's not practicing and this is the best division in football. You cannot mess around with the wayne brown period. Here's ross now. Having dwayne brown it there's a you know pretty pretty significant deal. Because i think he's one of the best left tackles in the game you know. There's no arguing that i think he's You know as good as it gets. Nobody more athletic More talented than he is You know age is just a number you know so we definitely want to be able to get him back out there you know. And we got to figure that out because you know he's we need wayne. Brown is two things here number. One brady went to tampa russell. Wilson's been hit allot. Aaron rodgers has complained about this. You don't have to do everything the quarterback wants but we've had multiple guests that come on the show. Albert brewer said this last week. is that quarterbacks. Need to be comfortable. Aaron rodgers can we keep jordy nelson for another year. It makes erin comfortable. You keep jordy nelson jared cook. The tight end made aaron comfortable. His quarterback coach made aaron comfortable. That's not being needy. That's not being high maintenance. Now errands perpetually discontent. So he's got different personality but when it comes. Aaron rodgers quarterback coach or a favourite receiver. Just pay him. Just just just just like the randall. Cobb thing i think they paid way too much but the argument is he makes her uncomfortable. That's where green bay says. We probably have to overpay randall. Cobb right. Tom brady brought in gronk. Didn't pay a ton but they paid them a lot for guy past his prime. It makes tom comfortable. You gotta look at russell wilson's career. He's had the you-know-what battle line running for his life for him seattle's done a really good job getting him. Some very athletic wide receiver. Seattle's front office got him. Doug baldwin undrafted lock it decay. Metcalf in fact metcalf fell in the draft. Seattle went all in so seattle deserves a lot of credit for this. Their front office. Ross has always had really captivating weapons. They've done a good job. Drafting receivers offensive line. Not great. So it's the nfl in seattle. I'm a kid that grew up there right like my knock on the seattle office and i see this a little with the rams and a little with the cowboys. They're very top heavy. And that leaves you very thin. If one of your stars gets hurt. Seattle's been very willing to just surrender. Draft picks okay. Let's not i get that. I'll give up a first round. Pick for you know jalen ramsey but the vowel you to draft picks second third fourth fifth. Sixth round draft picks is when they hit got a free player for three years in seattle. They only had three draft picks last year. They've gotten into kind of a win now thing like the rams seattle to even a higher degree. They're just giving away draft picks gave up to for a safety. Jamal adams who i like. That's too many draft picks. You can't give up too. I for safety. I don't care who the safety is so now. They're in a situation where they gotta pay dwayne brown translation. You gotta start. Keeping some of these draft picks and they've got a hit. This is not baseball. Where the dodgers just go by trade turned max scherzer and we'll figure it out later. It's not the sport you gotta hit on. Some of these draft picks one more heard the heard streams twenty four hours a day seven days a week within the iheartradio app. Search her to listen live or on demand. Whenever you like. I tend to think people who are professionally successful. It's not about i q. It's not about this. It's what are your habits. I tell my gives us all the time. What are your life habits. Are you dependable. Do you work hard. Are you responsible and it's interesting. Tom brady obviously is that to the degree but arians comes to tampa a losing culture. Where good was good enough. And then what did i say when brady went from new england to tampa joy is my witness. I said a dozen times my only concern is. He's a winner losers. Will they be able to handle. Brady's intensity. I never worried that. Tom could play the idea that brady's arm shot is dumb. Watch the games. It's not as good as it was ten years ago. But tom still gonna. Top twelve arm in the league accurate smart got really good arm. But i said my concern was man when you are intense and you're a winner and you have great habits and you'd walk into a building where at four o'clock watch film but he bore city is rockin tonight and we watched early last year. Tom in chicago barking barking barking at teammates screaming at them. Good is not good enough. It's not good enough. So have you noticed. Tom brady in this camp. Throwing his helmet dog cussing teammates. Bruce arians also a winning history ripping his players. Here's bruce arians. Yesterday after a day off our offense just stinks and they got to break that habit but Defensively they answered about that came out and dominated the entire practice and It was good to see drop passes missed assignments on basic place. It's just a lack of concentration back in the day we'd be running bed of them. That don't work anymore Go to jail for that stuff now. they've got to grow up and man up. I mean this has been identified. So.

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