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Petrochemical refinery in Crosby killed a worker. Severely injured. Two others and sent toxic plume of smoke into the sky for NPR news and Florian Martin in Houston. The national weather service has heavy snow and strong. Winds will battery large section of the plains today blizzard warnings are posted along with winter storm warnings from northern Kansas to Montana. Michael Elizabeth sacrifice with Colorado public radio reports. Conditions are expected to be similar to last month's bombs cyclone snowstorm. Bob cli- with the national weather service for Colorado. He says the storm will be at its strongest over the northeastern planes. He advises that ranchers look out for their livestock, especially with it being caffeine season, livestock out or far more susceptible to rapid changes in weather condition. Clients has livestock should be sheltered for safety. This storm comes after a warm wave. With eighty degree temperatures and fire warnings in the region for NPR news. I'm Michael Elizabeth sack is in Denver. The Catholic church says a pastor in Massachusetts at another in Pennsylvania are on leave as they face allegations of child sexual abuse their accused of a salting the same child decades ago and Kushner with member station W G B H reports from Boston the alleged victim says the two pastors Peter gory and William waters repeatedly sexually abused him. When he was between the ages of eight and ten nearly thirty years ago attorney Mitchell Garabedian who represents the cues says victims often take decades to process what happened to them when they were kids with starting to see the victims of abuse the late eighties nineties coming.

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